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  1. diggity

    Midweek CCL Matches 8th & 10th March

    Fair comment Aupostie, its a shame as it feels like 2 points lost as I thought the league would of have sense to give us the 3 points from the last game. Great work on the pitch, with all the weather we have had, thought it played very well and was surprisingly firm for this time of year. All the best for rest of the season, the fat number 8.
  2. diggity

    Cobham FC

    So another batch of players to come in again and then leave.............................the circle will continue i'm telling you!!!!!!!!!!! So many great people, players and managers have left that club!!!!!!!!!! what a shame
  3. diggity

    Cobham FC

    ANY NEWS???? I've heard some rumours but nothing concrete! Surely someone must know something. What a waste of a Great Football Club if they do disband!!!
  4. diggity

    Cobham FC

    Any more news as to what's actually going on there?
  5. diggity

    Cobham FC

    such a good club, what a SHAME..................How can they not fulfil matches, they have loads of players don't they.............................
  6. diggity

    New signings

    Yeah good luck cards! #bandwagon
  7. The ccl need to act and strongly!
  8. diggity

    Ground Grading (Steps 4, 5 and 6)

    Seeing on twitter that eversley can't go up if they finish top 3! That's horrible and I personally know how they feel! Gutted for sav and the team!
  9. diggity

    Weekend games - 5th / 6th / 7th April

    Knaphill reserves 2 - 2 farleigh reserves
  10. @westfield_fc: Spelthorne 1-1 Westfield Liam Parrington 79 min
  11. @EversleyCaliFC: FT: Eversley & California 0 v 1 Frimley Green
  12. diggity

    Games On Sat 2/2/13

    http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/knaphillfootballclub/s/match-report-2722.html?official=1&fixture_id=563005 Knaphills match report on the game. A good 3 points for the Knappers, slowly getting there. Also pictures from Lisa Harding (club photographer) - http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/knaphillfootballclub/photos/knaphill-v-sheerwater-02-02-20-356283.html
  13. diggity


    you sure redders that no one is on dollar?????
  14. diggity

    Eversley's pitch vandalised

    Name and shame the idiots!