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  1. I know it's short notice but as we have no fixture this coming Saturday and a number of players still to look at if any CCL reserve sides can host a pre season friendly we would be greatful. We could host but I would need to check pitch availability at Hadlow College in Tonbridge. Please email me if interested or call me on number below. Thanks Chris Chriswye@msn.com 07979967163
  2. Hi All I am looking for a CCL club who would be willing to host Tonbridge Angels U21's on Saturday 22nd July in a pre season friendly. With the varied level of games we already have arranged it would be ideal to face a CCL side as part of our schedule. If anyone is interested please contact me via email chriswye@msn.com Look forward to hopefully hearing from you. Chris Wye
  3. If it's a debate you want then I will be happy to have a conversation with you at a game. If you have anything positive to add on a public forum then I would be more than happy to engage. If you just want to keep knocking clubs with no evidence of knowing what you are talking about nor any proven experience within the game then you keep flexing your muscles in your arena if it makes you feel good. Being an official of a club is one thing, standing up to people that want to bad mouth hard working people and clubs would be a personal choice and nothing to do with my position in any club. As stated above, happy to engage in a debate in an appropriate place.
  4. You're right Nosher, I've just checked and you have been knocking Dorking for a lot longer then just this pre season. Your issues are a lot more than just bitterness for a recent dismissal. Troll; One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument
  5. Jilted; To be deceived or dropped suddenly or callously. Bad summer Nosher?
  6. That's a great signing for Dorking, Nathan and Martin Smith up top will be a handful for any team in the CCL.
  7. I was there BJR. A deserved victory for Dorking who had several other chances to score. The real difference between the two sides was Martin Smith and the right midfielder (can't remember name). I had the pleasure of playing along side Smithy at the start of last season and he is a top striker for Div 1. In my opinion if Dorking can strengthen with two new full backs and a left midfielder similar to the right midfielder they could be a top side in the division. Other teams will exploit these weaknesses, especially down the flanks. Farleigh have some work to do with many new faces but the manager knows the task ahead of him. It's a difficult task after last seasons achievements.
  8. F.A. Vase - 1st Qualifying Round Abbey Rangers 1-1 Tytherington Rocks Beckenham Town 2-0 Redhill Banstead Athletic 2-6 Cray Valley (PM) Chertsey Town 0-2 Tadley Calleva Cobham 0-3 Sutton Common Rovers Cogenhoe United 3-1 AFC Hayes Fairford Town 4-2 Badshot Lea Frimley Green 2-7 Thame United Hanworth Villa 2-1 Oxhey Jets Hartley Wintney 4-1 Milton United Knaphill 3-1 Lydney Town Malmesbury Victoria 4-2 Farnham Town Westfield 1-2 Carterton Windsor 2-1 Royal Wootton Bassett Town Worthing United 3-0 Epsom Athletic Cherry Red Records Premier Challenge Cup 2nd Round Worcester Park 1-5 Chessington & Hook Utd Premier Division Camberley Town 2-1 Ashford Town(Middx) Colliers Wood Utd 2-3 Spelthorne Sports Cove 0-7 Epsom & Ewell Guildford City 5-3 Raynes Park Vale Division 1 Ash United 1-2 Bedfont & Feltham Farleigh Rovers 0-2 Dorking Staines Lammas 0-1 Eversley & California
  9. SCR game was £7 on Friday evening. They had a great deal on season tickets for £20 but have now gone back up to £40. Thinking of going again tonight and regret not taking advantage.
  10. I was a member before under Two other names but for one reason or another I couldn't access them anymore. I originally joined in about 2010/11 which I'm pretty sure you're aware of Smudge. Anyway that's irrelevant. Keep up the good work. Bad Guy/Nice Guy????
  11. Premier Division Bedfont Sports 1-0 Badshot Lea Camberley Town 1-1 Ashford Town(Middx) Colliers Wood Utd 6-2 Chertsey Town Frimley Green 1-2 Raynes Park Vale Hartley Wintney 3-0 Hanworth Villa Horley Town 1-0 Spelthorne Sports Knaphill 4-2 Guildford City Mole Valley SCR 2-2 Cove Westfield 5-0 Farnham Town Windsor 0-3 Epsom & Ewell RPM Records Division One Challenge Cup Semi-Final Bedfont & Feltham 6-1 Alton Town Worcester Park 5-2 Epsom Athletic Division 1 AFC Croydon Athletic 3-0 CB Hounslow Utd Banstead Athletic 7-1 Ash United Chessington & Hook Utd 4-3 Sheerwater Staines Lammas 2-0 Eversley & California
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