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  1. Posts also have a tendency to come back and bite dt!!! Like I said I'm no perfect example just my opinion
  2. Some of these posts against officials are ridiculous no matter what level a ref is they make mistakes just like players do at every level of the game one of the great things I have always found about football are the talking points after games where these decisions effect games etc The fact is without the officials that give up there time we would have no league maybe it's time to accept these mistakes happen and are part and parcel of the game and what makes it such a great game I am in no means a perfect example and have felt hard done by with certain decisions but it is football at the end of the day This forum used to have some great posts and posters but seems to be taken over by sniping and getting at certain posters and teams
  3. DT10, He gave a free kick and a yellow, should have been a red, no one (not even Kroons) could argue with that and then it's a different game 10 v 11! Just because it early in the game should not have been a factor! As I said it should have been a red if the ref felt it was a free kick when did I say different? Just making the point we could have also had a pen
  4. If it was a free kick then he should have been sent off but then again we could have had a penalty it's all swings and round abouts
  5. Adam pm DT10,sure he would be interested in any Slimbridge info.Good win for them yesterday at Colliers Wood. Haha thanks smudge I've just this second sent Adam a message
  6. Bootle 3-4 Cove tough game and great hospitality from bootle fc
  7. Cove 3-2 Marlow Another good test now chertsey tues night
  8. Cove 3 fleet spurs 0 Good workout and expect fleet spurs to be up there challenging this season
  9. Thanks still early days but pleased with the progress so far. Good luck for your season
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