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  1. Why not? You do with every other thread
  2. The FA decides the constitutions up to Step 5 (premier division). They were due to take over step 6 (division one) now, but presume they will leave that until the pyramid re-organisation is decided, whether that be at the end of 20/21 or 21/22. Whether they will have enough clubs to constitute over if 2020/21 is abandoned is another thread in itself.
  3. If this wasn't the case, then there would be nothing stopping player getting a game abandoned, without any recourse. Also, if a player is suspended Sine Die for an assault, or the like, during an abandoned game(probably the cause for an abandonment) then again there would be no recourse If all fines and suspensions were lifted for this season then any player suspended Sine Die would be free to play again. However, I do think any suspension of 3 games or less should be expunged for the start of the new season. Anything over, should have 3 games taken off of it
  4. I usually find this helps: http://www.thefa.com/competitions/youth-football/fa-youth-cup/results
  5. A bit like Coles Park before the astro went down. Talking of which, are you still banned?
  6. https://www.sentencingcouncil.org.uk/crown-court/
  7. or maybe, seeing as he is such a good official, he is on FA Cup duty. Just a thought
  8. That's the problem Clippy, you are not aware of much!
  9. Just passed by and reminded me of the FA Trophy Quarter final in 1986. Any contributors go to the game?
  10. Tuesday 2nd January – Kick Off 7.45pm LEAGUE CHALLENGE TROPHY Quarter Final Edgware Town 2-3 Risborough Rangers U25 DEVELOPMENT DIVISION All Postponed Biggleswade United Development v Leighton Town Development Hertford Town Development v St Margaretsbury Development Hillingdon Borough Development v Welwyn Garden City Development Hoddesdon Town Development v Cockfosters Development Holmer Green Development v Colney Heath Development Winslow United Development v Buckingham Athletic Development
  11. http://www.thelawpages.com/court-hearings-lists/crown-court-daily/31/lists/2017-11-21 Case to be listed on 23rd April 2018
  12. I believe the Laws of the game still state that a player be sent from the field of play for anything that the referee deems to be offensive, insulting or abusive to him/her. I would hardly call that a limited sanction
  13. But she is 100% correct. *sighs* - next you'll all be saying its a penalty shootout, when it is quite clearly "kicks from the penalty mark" to decide a fixture
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