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  1. I usually find this helps: http://www.thefa.com/competitions/youth-football/fa-youth-cup/results
  2. A bit like Coles Park before the astro went down. Talking of which, are you still banned?
  3. https://www.sentencingcouncil.org.uk/crown-court/
  4. or maybe, seeing as he is such a good official, he is on FA Cup duty. Just a thought
  5. That's the problem Clippy, you are not aware of much!
  6. Just passed by and reminded me of the FA Trophy Quarter final in 1986. Any contributors go to the game?
  7. Tuesday 2nd January – Kick Off 7.45pm LEAGUE CHALLENGE TROPHY Quarter Final Edgware Town 2-3 Risborough Rangers U25 DEVELOPMENT DIVISION All Postponed Biggleswade United Development v Leighton Town Development Hertford Town Development v St Margaretsbury Development Hillingdon Borough Development v Welwyn Garden City Development Hoddesdon Town Development v Cockfosters Development Holmer Green Development v Colney Heath Development Winslow United Development v Buckingham Athletic Development
  8. http://www.thelawpages.com/court-hearings-lists/crown-court-daily/31/lists/2017-11-21 Case to be listed on 23rd April 2018
  9. I believe the Laws of the game still state that a player be sent from the field of play for anything that the referee deems to be offensive, insulting or abusive to him/her. I would hardly call that a limited sanction
  10. I thought about him the other day Jonno, after you expertly "did a Rhodes" by dragging up a topic from 9 years ago on the Enfield Town forum.
  11. In what is believed to be a world first, the Spartan South Midlands League has announced that, as of today, the league will be flipped right around and Broxbourne Borough are now favourites for promotion with London Colney all but relegated. A league spokesman was quoted as saying "As you all know, we do like to do things differently on this league, and make things up as we go along. We thought it would be fun to add an element of surprise to the end of the League season". The FA have been unavailable for comment
  12. I'm sure that would have gone down well with Ms Browne having to re-arrange the game and with the paying spectators who'd gone to see a game of football for the sake of 13 minutes. I believe the same thing happened when they had a home game earlier on in the season where the game started 15 minutes late for the same reason. People moaned but a game of football was completed. I think the other problem is the integrity of the competition as well, with a specialist position here. This is senior football, and had Southall gone 3 or 4 up in those 1st 13 minutes then questions would have been asked as well. Maybe not so much now, as I don't think they can go up now, but, if they could and it then went to goal difference then what? All if's, but's, maybe's, and differences of opinion. Where would a forum be without it!
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