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  1. Yes. Because their fans can be trusted! There are a number of things to take into account: 1) the police are busy at the moment, football needs police control other sports don't 2) national mourning means silence and the singing of the the "new" national anthem. one club couldn't manage silence on Thursday evening and another club, due at home, have been known not to appreciate the national anthem. I appreciate I am talking about Premier League teams, but easier to have a blanket ban 3) If teams in Europe do not "toe the line" midweek then expect next weekends fixtures to be postponed 4) Her Majesty was the patron on the FA for years and the Prince of Wales is now the patron, so it is right that national game shows its respect by having a weekend off
  2. According to their website, they are playing at The Stadium, Theobalds Lane next season
  3. and does great pitch inspections! I'm glad he is still officiating. When was your last interaction with him in an official capacity?
  4. Robin was also Secretary of the Southern Counties Youth Floodlit League at the turn of the century
  5. Congratulations to ex Spartan League referee Alan Cresswell who, in addition to being appointed Assistant Referee to Sunday's National League play off final, has been promoted to the Football League Assistant Referees list.
  6. Good old Mr Pordes. Once saved me a trip to Tokyngton Manor
  7. Well even it had been 2 games, which it isn't, it was still better than the previous "only one up". However, as always seems to be the case, failure is rewarded with a home tie rather than giving the home tie to the team who came 2nd in the league below. I'm guessing it will be drawn by area/region rather than a ppg arrangement, else we could have Durham having to travel to Plymouth (as an example) for the play off fixture
  8. the fact that you are probably still banned from the ground!
  9. The response will be as silent as that pin dropping!
  10. Not like you to post something not to do with a thread! At least you've apologised this time Probably worried that you might be lurking in the reflection
  11. Are you involved in the final? Might be your only chance this year!
  12. I think you've just outdone Rhodes in re-opening a thread after 8 years!
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