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  1. Chris, Millers is joint 1st team manager, alongside myself. No official was consulted, as this would have been communicated with us for our input, and Club only knew of via receipt of the generic email received. The frustrating thing to add to this is we were planning to stay Friday also, as when making the journey last season I found it all a bit draining travelling the same day, and playing. We wanted our players to have the the extra night as part of our preparation, which the option of is no longer available according to the email received. So we travel out same day for a 1.30 KO, so not much rest time either after a draining commute. Pretty poor in our opinion and we are not at all happy with it.
  2. I understand Damien resigned last week and this season assistant Leigh Dynan has taken over the reigns with Dan Reeves as assistant, plus a coach TBC. Spot on Jurgs, but just to confirm Damian has not quit the club, he just has to have more family time so will still be around the club in some form, just a bit less. He though it wasn't right to attempt to continue in the managers role without being able to put the hours in that are needed. http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/cobham/news/club-structure-201112-310143.html
  3. Cobham FC Players Player - (joint) Jake Baxter & Tom Cowan Managers Player - Jake Baxter Top Goalscorer - Jake Baxter
  4. John hampshire was involved at Merstham I think as a player coach. Played for Rushden and Diamond a good few years back if I remember right
  5. Who's bleating? Not a mention from our end RE injuries, just answering question posed.
  6. Scott day long term... The rest to return in coming weeks. Why such an interest?
  7. Missing Players: Dan Roussel Scott oconner Scott Day Luke Fontana Tom Cowan
  8. Billy Hussey scored a fine goal for Wimbledon in the ressies cup final (see videos section, approx 2 mins in) - maybe Nice Guy could compare the two and see what he thinks TRS is that ex woking midfielder Billy Hussey? Correct YHW. Brother (i think?) of left back Chris who we also got from Woking and now at Coventry. Keep 'em coming He's going to be decent! Looked very good the couple of times i've seen him. they are cousions... Billy is a relation of mine Dan... Played vs us pre-season for AFC.
  9. yea 10 was big lad.. 9 alongside him I thought best player on the night.
  10. The 10 dan? Thought the 9 was there main threat, a top player. They wanted it more.. Both sides were a bag of shyte and on the strength of that performance alone I see no way either side will be near the top 3 come the end of the season.
  11. Cobham sign Luke Fontana. The ex Carlsharlton goal machine
  12. 6 players, with 2 of them being committee members ;-)
  13. We underperformed... Hands held up I was crap as were a number of my team mates. As for afterwards There was a fair few of us in the bar?
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