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  1. Tony Choules was at Windsor last Tuesday watching a certain player and left when the player was subbed
  2. Ascots 3G pitch won't be ready in time for their home tie in the FA Cup so likely to be at a neutral venue. Looks like end of September for completion
  3. Well done to Frimley, well deserved
  4. Look forward to seeing Ascot Utd play new opposition in the CCL. They'll need to play a few away games at the beginning of the season though as the new 3G pitch at the Racecourse is a bit behind schedule
  5. Some winnable ties for our clubs there. Southall have a beauty with Chatham
  6. Nice to see the forum with a few posts on it again. Off to Abbey Rangers v Knaphill tomorrow night. Been a couple of years since I went there so interesting to see if there are any improvements
  7. Nice easy straight walk Chris. Plenty of parking at the railway station especially for night games
  8. The ground is only up Stoke Road so I would say more like 10-15 minutes walk from the station rather than 20-30 but I stand to be corrected
  9. Anyone thinking of going to Slough v Hayes and Yeading please bear in mind it's all ticket http://www.sloughtownfc.net/article/928/Where-were-you-on-Monday-29th-August-2016?
  10. Well done Jeff and looking forward to visiting a revamped Meadowbank. Hopefully with better memories than last time I was there as I parked in the nearby car park but left my lights on and had a flat battery so had to wait for the AA and couldn't pick my missis up from work :-)
  11. Epsom got 9 against them and got proper stuffed by CB last night as well. Funny old game football
  12. Got to echo Rothers comments. Slow drive from West Ealing made worthwhile by a great game. Guildford gave as good as they got but Windsor were superb going forward lead by the experienced Keiron Knight and some fast players who'd give Mr Bolt a run for his money. Some crunching tackles in a full blooded encounter and I'm sure both teams will do pretty well this season. An appreciative crowd applauded all the subbed players off and gave the team a good reception at the end Nice to say a quick hello to Steve, donate a few programmes to the club shop, munch a very tasty bacon cheeseburger and c
  13. Mine was an attempt at sarcasm but looks like I failed as well Rother/Steve
  14. Crap surface at Windsor, surely not ? Maybe the grass is a bit long Rother that can affect it though the game with Flackwell didn't have too many problems
  15. Looking forward to popping along to Stag Meadow to see Windsor v Guildford City tonight
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