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  1. Tony Choules was at Windsor last Tuesday watching a certain player and left when the player was subbed
  2. Ascots 3G pitch won't be ready in time for their home tie in the FA Cup so likely to be at a neutral venue. Looks like end of September for completion
  3. Well done to Frimley, well deserved
  4. Look forward to seeing Ascot Utd play new opposition in the CCL. They'll need to play a few away games at the beginning of the season though as the new 3G pitch at the Racecourse is a bit behind schedule
  5. Some winnable ties for our clubs there. Southall have a beauty with Chatham
  6. Nice to see the forum with a few posts on it again. Off to Abbey Rangers v Knaphill tomorrow night. Been a couple of years since I went there so interesting to see if there are any improvements
  7. Fame at last for Dan and dog, first one taken at CB Hounslow last night by the guy behind me https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DGuuJABXcAAFoUn.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DGvGs5jXsAAquXU.jpg
  8. Tango Man

    Break ins

    Reports on another site that Sandhurst Town, Bracknell and Ashford Town (Middx) have been subject to attempted/successful break ins causing damage and loss of stock. These people who do things like this are scum to my mind when clubs need all the money they can get
  9. Full schedule here including free entry for the Maidenhead game http://www.windsorfc.net/news.php?ID=N441
  10. Seen a couple of fixtures so far Windsor v Maidenhead Utd Sat July 15th 12 noon kick off at Stag Meadow according to Maidenhead twitter. Likely to be a 1st team/reserves mixture as Maidenhead also play at Staines at 3pm the same day Windsor v Slough Tues 1st Aug 7.45 pm at Stag Meadow
  11. Well said Chris and much appreciated I'm sure. Looking forward to seeing the ex Ascot lads with Bracknell next season presuming they're still there. Ascot certainly went downhill results wise sadly last season after they and then the managerial team left . I know a few watch whoever is at home on the Tues night . The tie up with the Cox Green Academy seems to be paying off for Windsor with a few lads coming through to play first team football. Hopefully exciting times ahead for our local clubs
  12. http://www.fansfocus.com/topic/197221-new-beginnings/ Feel free to post. May be flogging a dead horse but can only try
  13. Tango Man

    New beginnings

    Been ages since anyone posted on here but now Windsor have switched to the Hellenic why not give it another go. Not just for the first team but for the excellent youth set up as well and for all things Hellenic
  14. will be nice to see different sides at Stag Meadow (no disrespect intended) though I go to Ascot from time to time so seen a few of the Hellenic sides already.. Hellenic sides do tend to like a good moan at officials though
  15. Windsor in the Hellenic is an interesting one
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