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  1. Love it, I do miss the banter on this forum
  2. Not been on the site for sometime, best of luck Duncs, if you ever need a striker let me know
  3. Hi Guys, Seems ages ago since I was on the forum, but please see below when of the comments on the Farnborough Fans Forum in regards to why the crowds have deserted Cherrywood Road in recent years "There are multiple reasons - but it would be easy to kill two birds with one stone. Ditch Spencer - firstly that would make a lot of people happier. I know he manges for free, etc, but a young hungry Combined Counties League manager could probably do better. I reckon that the football would improve and that would then bring back some of the fans who just want to watch a local team and don't carw about the politics." As the poster of this stated "a young hungry Combined Counties League Manager", who would be the ideal CCL manager and assistant for this role, it's just for fun, but just wondered what you guys think?
  4. One of the Greatest come back has to be Fans Forum v Woking Peacocks December 2010, Fans 1 - 0 down, manager calls for a fit young lad sitting on the subs bench and tells him to make an impact, 3 minutes later the young lad scores.....and for the life of me I can't remember his name??????
  5. Good luck Phil, hope you find another club soon
  6. Who frankly gives a flying f8ck about a club like that dont give a sh*t about the local community and whose youth section think we exist for their benefit and no-on elses. I suggest you post on a forum that cares. Now Now Kroony what is all this pent up hatred of Boro, there are a lot of ex CCL players and the management team is ex CCL and I know Koo and Spencer are regular viewers of this forum,Koo is in charge of the youth set up so I'm sure when i speak to him today I will mention it to him about the youth, I know he is working very hard to keep the youth team players from the farnboro area,what is your gripe I think they are doing a fine job and are giving players a chance who wouldn't normally get one. Perhaps they should stick to their own borough then rather than coming into our and runing 3 different clubs facilities for the sake of their own. I shouldnt be surprised as that club have always been the same. So what's so wrong in scouting the local area looking for football talent krooner? dont Camberley do that????
  7. Should be a great match JJ, loads of ex Chertsey Players on the Farnborough side and also the Cove FC connections on both sides
  8. From the Farnborough FC website. Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on emailShare on printMore Sharing Services2 It has been confirmed today that ‘Boro will travel to Manager Spencer Day’s former club Chertsey Town on Saturday 4th August, kick off 3pm. Chertsey play in the Evo-Stik Southern League Division One Central, where the finished last season in 17th spot. Commenting ahead of a return to his former charges, ‘Boro boss Day said “We will be taking the full first team to Chertsey on Aug 4th. As many of you know I left Chertsey for Farnborough in November and brought, Dan Bennett, Phil Page, Oli Treacher and Miles Smith as well as my coaching team with me.
  9. Let me clear up a few things. First the gate was run by the CCL, and not Farnborough. Second the A4 signs showing £10 were for the last few home Farnborough 1st Team games and not the League final, and also the cost was £8, that what I paid!!!
  10. I'm going tonight, just wanted to know who else is coming along??
  11. Well it was good to meet up with all the guys at Cove last night, good game, a very poor ref and good banter between the dugouts. The way Cove played last night they should be near the top of the table not at the bottom!
  12. Well speaking as someone who is close Farnborough, we don't know what's going on, plenty of rumours but we will wait and see what happens.....
  13. We had an incident like that at Farnborough a few weeks ago, the lottery machine on the wall in the clubhouse had some tickets stolen out of it, 2 weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon, two teenages came into the clubhouse with some lottery tickets adding up to £150 winnings, staff at the club realised the serial numbers on the tickets were the stolen one, the two were asked to come back with id to prove they were 18........Staff called the police who arrived at the club and waited for the two to come back......And guess what.....they did and were arrested on the spot
  14. Duncs wasn't anything said on Saturday, as I believe on the other topics you mentioned you watched Cove?
  15. Knowing both Duncs and Simon as I do and not having replied to any of the other issues in regards to this, I thought it was about time I did. Having spent the last couple of years at Cove I know both Simon and Duncs were very committed to the club, however after last season Cove lost both a very good manager and also an inspirational captain, along with a number of other good players. Duncs and Simon were asked to take up the position of manager and assistant with hardly any players from last seasons squad, and also as I'm lead to believe a small budget. They did they best and that's all anyone can ask from both of them, in fact as I've been informed they only had 12 players for one match. I don't want to slag anyone off but and this is a big but, someone on the committee should sit down with the two of them and give them the reason why they were both sacked.
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