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  1. A full summary for all CCL Premier Division Clubs along with the full draws are now all available at www.eefconline.co.uk
  2. Colliers Wood are the Premier Division's longest tenured club now from 2004. After that it's Epsom and Camberley (2006) Incredible really, I can remember when we were seen as the new boys!
  3. An extra 12 promotion places will be up for grabs next year allowing for just one down from both Steps Three and Four as advised. They could do this a number of ways. Most sensibly they could go on the best 12 Second placed PPG's where there is a second club eligible for promotion in the first place. Alternatively, they may try to redress the constant North/South drift by promoting 12 Northern League clubs in one hit. It would take them out of the Vase which has additional benefits for all other clubs too. A prominent tweeter on our club site has advised that this has an unexpected knock on effect in that many more Step Six clubs would not be able to enter the FA Cup as the extra Step Four clubs of which there would be 26, all get exemption from the Extra - Prelim round into the Prelim round, which means there are less spaces for qualifiers in the prelim round. This then means around 52 Step Six clubs across the country are unable to participate. This seems feasible unless they are going to throw all Step Four clubs in at the Extra-Prelim round stage. Hopefully they'll go for the PPG route and allow almost two up from each league as a result. It's the easiest to understand of the permutations!
  4. I now know that Westfield are away in the other Semi-Final. Panic over!
  5. I am aware that Epsom & Ewell will host Windsor in one Semi-Final but does anyone yet know where the other Semi-Final is to take place. I know it is Westfield v Guildford City or Raynes Park Vale but just don't know where the venue is. Thanks.
  6. Here is the match report from our Vase win over Bridon Ropes. http://www.eefconline.co.uk/Fix2016.17-22.html
  7. I haven't been on here for a while as I have been very busy. And you all know there will be a report on the website anyway given about 24 hours. Still, here is last night's report from our narrow win at Hanworth Villa. http://www.eefconline.co.uk/Fix2016.17-20.html
  8. Two and a half years without missing a game? Not bad. I did 13 and a half years back when I was younger but then I can be a bit sad sometimes Even getting a full season in is impressive!
  9. I should also make it clear from our perspective that the breaking in happened a long time ago and was most definitely not the fault of Colliers Wood United. I was just trying to add an angle to show how bad we had been on Friday that it was even worse than that first ever visit.
  10. And here it is! http://www.eefconline.co.uk/Fix2016.17-11.html Very little else to say about this really.
  11. The match report from our win over Horley Town is here: http://www.eefconline.co.uk/Fix2016.17-12.html After Friday's result we needed to bounce back quickly and an early goal helped. Horley pushed for much of the first half but without much in the way of end product. The second half was much more in our favour and we would up comfortable winners in the end. Consistently inconsistent!
  12. Not strictly CCL but Slough Town open their new ground at Arbour Park on the afternoon of 29th August against Hayes & Yeading. It might be a bit crowded, but if you can get there early enough, it could be a good choice.
  13. The preview of our trip to Faversham Town is here: http://www.eefconline.co.uk/Fix2016.17-9.html
  14. After a bit of a delay, the report from our match with CB Hounslow is here: http://www.eefconline.co.uk/Fix2016.17-8.html The strange thing is that we looked quite good for 20 minutes. Could have been two up, one of which was prevented by a world class save and the other by a second class official who couldn't see a trip in the box straight in front of him. But after that we conceded and never looked the same again. The pressing we had done to that point slackened and when CB were allowed to play football, they took full advantage and the guy Cariba up front scored some great finishes. We go to Faversham this weekend. Just as well we are going in great form!
  15. You may be correct on the earlier incident Steve. Certainly our player does have previous in that sort of area. I saw the scuffle and whilst I didn't see any head contact, it doesn't surprise me to hear that. However, I think the referee was fortunate that the match didn't degenerate from that point. Many's the time that players see that sort of thing going unpunished and decide that either a ) they can get away with it too or b ) that the ref isn't protecting players so they had better do it instead. As for the surface, I blame the players
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