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  1. Here is the match report from our Vase win over Bridon Ropes. http://www.eefconline.co.uk/Fix2016.17-22.html
  2. The match report from our win over Horley Town is here: http://www.eefconline.co.uk/Fix2016.17-12.html After Friday's result we needed to bounce back quickly and an early goal helped. Horley pushed for much of the first half but without much in the way of end product. The second half was much more in our favour and we would up comfortable winners in the end. Consistently inconsistent!
  3. Not strictly CCL but Slough Town open their new ground at Arbour Park on the afternoon of 29th August against Hayes & Yeading. It might be a bit crowded, but if you can get there early enough, it could be a good choice.
  4. After a bit of a delay, the report from our match with CB Hounslow is here: http://www.eefconline.co.uk/Fix2016.17-8.html The strange thing is that we looked quite good for 20 minutes. Could have been two up, one of which was prevented by a world class save and the other by a second class official who couldn't see a trip in the box straight in front of him. But after that we conceded and never looked the same again. The pressing we had done to that point slackened and when CB were allowed to play football, they took full advantage and the guy Cariba up front scored some great finis
  5. You may be correct on the earlier incident Steve. Certainly our player does have previous in that sort of area. I saw the scuffle and whilst I didn't see any head contact, it doesn't surprise me to hear that. However, I think the referee was fortunate that the match didn't degenerate from that point. Many's the time that players see that sort of thing going unpunished and decide that either a ) they can get away with it too or b ) that the ref isn't protecting players so they had better do it instead. As for the surface, I blame the players
  6. The report from our trip to Windsor is here. http://www.eefconline.co.uk/Fix2016.17-7.html A disappointing outcome, but we didn't do enough to warrant the three points, and I would assert that neither team actually did. Rother's statement about a badly hit back pass is correct and many of our passes were also under hit today. Don't know why that was. Overall, we need to improved defensively as we can't score lots every week. Admittedly though, the Windsor equaliser was a great turn and strike.
  7. The preview of our trip to Windsor is here: http://www.eefconline.co.uk/Fix2016.17-7.html
  8. Yes I will be there. I don't miss many. 18 in the last 11 years I think. I shall have my cap on and will be stood behind the goal we are attacking during the game, so just say hello! Might not be able to talk for long though as my boy is coming along and he gets bored if other people start talking football!
  9. A quick Epsom catch up. Following our 0-0 draw at Whyteleafe we visited AFC Croydon Athletic on Saturday 23rd July and turned around a half time deficit to win 2-1. Seven days later we did it again at Orpington. We probably shaded the Orpington match based on our second half performance although I am told we were more in control against AFC Croydon Athletic. We kick off tomorrow at Bedfont & Feltham. The preview is here: http://www.eefconline.co.uk/Fix2016.17-5.html
  10. A bit surprised to see so many predictions for Chessington. Has something gone on there since last season that I am unaware of? As for my predictions, it is hard to look beyond Hartley assuming they have a similar side, although you have to question the desire of Atkinson to jump ship to Badshot Lea. This is nothing against Badshot Lea so ITK and Bronco, calm down, I just don't understand why after such a good season and being in the shop window as he was, that he hasn't at least stayed there, or even moved up a level. Clearly Bradshaw moving there tells you that it isn't about locati
  11. The issue of PSF's is clearly a more contentious one than I realised! For what it's worth, I try to obtain every bit of information about the club simply because I enjoy doing so. However, my possibly naïve assumption is that we are all trying to attract new support and interest, so any news gives people an opportunity to feel more attached to a club. The theory also goes that a new floating supporter looking for a club to follow might prefer to visit a club that is seen as organised and informative, and I try my hardest to ensure that we come across that way. So in answer to the q
  12. Totally agree Beano. We are also requesting an early August League match and if rumours turn out to be true, we may see a full set of fixtures on 2nd August, which is an indication that: a ) Clubs DO want a proper match before entering the potentially lucrative FA Cup, and b ) The CCL are prepared to accommodate their clubs as a good league should, and c ) there will be one less match to play later in the season and every little helps when the pitches get a little muddy, as we all know now that this appears to be a good enough reason for postponement! The only reason I can think o
  13. If friendlies have nothing on them Smudge, why do we have them? I think that Managers will tell you that they are quite important in the grand scheme of things. Some would like more while others are happy with three or four, but they do serve a purpose.
  14. Sorry Jeff but that's a stupid statement. If you feel that way, why enter in the first place? Look at the financial rewards that Hartley Wintney made from their recent Cup runs and almost certainly Hanworth Villa a couple of years back too. It's far more important than a league match. Ask Camberley who got beat 5-0 at home to Horley on opening day. You could argue that they missed out on promotion by three points but they had all season to retrieve those points and indeed, did so before losing at the end. With the Cup there is rarely a second chance. It is the biggest match the clubs a
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