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  1. I shall miss this forum. I will still read it, of course, but I shall miss the witlessness of a good deal of what is posted, the use of "of" instead of "have", the illiterate ranting, the news, the score updates, the fishing and the bites. I shall also be hoping that we do better than our one season in the Southern League - P42 W6 D4 L32 F25 A97 Pts 22. I shall be hoping for our first home Trophy tie, and our first Trophy win and a good, solid season. At least no side can be worse than Woodford, unless they ship a lot more goals.
  2. I hope that this clarifies some issues: http://www.eghamtownfcltd.co.uk/news/our-new-journeys-959915.html St. Ives and the trip to Corby Town to play Kettering Town are well beyond any CCL journey. Still, I know that Corby is not that difficult to get to, having driven there when were last in the Southern League. I also managed Evesham in two hours dead with no satnav that season. The travel initially appeared daunting but I don't think it is too bad. Luton can be done in an hour if the traffic is OK.
  3. Egham Town have so far been able to arrange friendlies, all away, at Cove (20 July), Spelthorne Sports (23 July), Fleet Spurs (27 July), Hanwell Town (30 July) and Bedfont & Feltham (1 August). There are plans for one or two at home but these are not yet finalised.
  4. I am disappointed that there is so much disappointment about. We at Egham Town are NOT disappointed - I think you know why.
  5. No-one, not even diehards like me, predicted how this season turned out for us. Given that a club's fortunes can and often do change during the season, as Egham's did, I can only base my predictions for 13-14 on what I have seen this season. South Park, Cove, Windsor, Epsom and Ewell will all do well, the promoted sides will do nothing of note and we will watch with interest where John Hamsher goes to next.
  6. There was an Alan Reed who was the lead singer of crap prog rock band Pallas - it's not him, is it?
  7. You fecking cheeky git. 31 wins to your 30! We did not exactly have it easy with a 19 man squad in the run in, whereas Guernsey could pluck from a collection of squads to bolster the numbers - and no, I am not counting MLT. We played against each other twice and won one apiece. This is why I have developed a dislike of Guernsey FC - not the players, not the committee, but the sheer bloody arrogance of too many of its fans. You seem to think that because you represent an island and get massive crowds we should all defer to you. Well, duck fat for a game of soldiers. I hope when you get promoted
  8. Aw shucks, guys, you make me feel all fuzzy inside. Our last (only) Southern sortie saw us come bottom with six wins and four draws. At least we can't be any worse than Woodford!
  9. Having looked at the best guess for the EvoStik I think you can see why I am sure we would prefer that to the Ryman. Fair play to GFC for winning four on the bounce in four days. Now they can have a bloody good rest. Perhaps a holiday in Jersey?
  10. Doubtless - Gareth from Ashford Town says Kettering is a possibility. I know they won't be playing at Kettering but some local ground but that is still a near 200 mile round trip, but we used to play Saffron Walden and that is almost exactly the same mileage. Rugby, Faversham, Folkestone, Hythe, Herne Bay and Whitstable are all about the same. There are more of those trips up and down the M25 than there up and down the M40 so for that reason, plus the local derbies against Ashford and Chertsey , I at least would prefer glue to stationery goods.
  11. Thank you fellow posters for your kind comments and good wishes. We now wait to see which way the wind blows... We have thoroughly enjoyed most of our time in the CCL. Next season in CCL Premier will be very difficult with Windsor certainly among the faves, with Cove and, of course Guernsey, assuming there ends up being only us going up. The satnav will be working overtime for us next season.
  12. CHAMPIONS! 38 long years since we last won anything of note, the Athenian League Div 2 title in 74-5. Thanks to Bedfont Sports for their sportsmanship, and good luck to them for next season. It was a struggle and at times our performances have not been great, but we got there eventually. Good luck to the Green Lions too.
  13. Apart from the HW home game, when his gravy must have been spiked, Paul Borg is a big reason why we have been in the top four for two seasons. Glad to see Arran Taylor-Ives and Tommy Hedges getting some recognition. What about Jamie Read, making the step up from Div One and scoring 32 (so far)?
  14. "I believe?" It's called being able to count up to twenty-two.
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