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  1. Have to agree, we had plenty of the ball but not much around your box.......until the sending off. Was a very even game until then and I agree having 10 men cost you. Having said that it's another three points towards our safety! Good luck for rest of the season.
  2. Cup of tea, it is not the FAs fault this time. England are in a competition like our clubs so it is UEFA or FIFA who decide when the qualifiers take place and what week any international friendly dates are. I am in ukraine for the game and booked my flight months ago, could the clubs and ryman league have not made arrangements for a one off wednesday or monday games? A different night might also get a few extra in, granted it dont work at Thurrock/Purfleet though I forgot to add for once Eastside Urchin is right these dates have been known for over a year so maybe the league could have a
  3. Bognor got 2,011 for their ryman South play off, not sure about Ryman prem crowds though.
  4. To be fair down the years we have had plenty of practice, especially against Enfield FC Enjoy the final.
  5. It must be something to do with the design of your ground? I was speaking to my dad today about last nights game and he said he couldn't hear your lot at all? I was too busy singing myself, so I suppose when you are singing yourself, you probably don't pay much attention to the other end of the ground and miss what the other teams fans are shouting etc. Enjoyed my 2 visits this season to the Donkey Dome, hope for your sakes I will not be visiting again next season!
  6. nothing much happening wednesday so I might come to this one. Our play off has been put back to thursday. Weather permitting of course!
  7. I also thought the ref done well considering the players had trouble timing tackles in the slippery conditions. I also kind of wish he sent Bradley off for his tackle, that way he wouldnt have been on the pitch to give away the penalty Having said that you probably would have won as our 10 players struggled to contain you anyway. Maybe see you all tuesday and if you are lucky maybe we will be off to Suffolk sometime this week instead!!
  8. You should come down. We have a fan who drives down from Motherwell once a month for home games!
  9. I live in east Essex near Maldon and it has only rained for a short while this morning, nothing too heavy either.
  10. East Thurrock is not the best, but as yourselves know, any port in a storm! Hopefully like ETFC we will get our ground back in our home town.
  11. We qualified for play offs today. Might or might not be good for you lot! We average about 230ish over at Corringham. Could be outnumbered at home for the first time in ages if you lot are serious about winning this league! Or it could be a warm up for a play off semi, either way see you lot next week
  12. Hope Aveley didnt kick them out thinking we would pay the 14k they are after! Talking of that we have to play them at Aveley on monday, might get same crowd as you lot and riccy One thing for certain though, they always beat us!
  13. I think that might have been for 2 seasons upfront? Either way I heard they only paid Aveley £7k a year. Not sure why Romford would move, with Aveley going down today, surely they wouldnt chuck away that income?
  14. Where do they get the money for groundsharing? Before we went to East Thurrock, Purfleet/Thurrock apparently wanted £50k from us!
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