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  1. Wolf obviously should b managing the team as he has all the answers. Was he overlooked in the interviews or was he too busy pontificating to apply?
  2. i hope no ones intimating a wheels come off
  3. I agree the trouble last night as against hendon was that although the build up was fine the finish let us down. However I would point out that both goals against have come in the last5-10 mins and both from moves down the right (our left). Do we need to learn something from this?
  4. Nice to get 3 points from a workmanlike performance. Shame most of the Cray supporters decided to boycott the game apparrently along with their officials who were never seen in the boardroom. Good manners obviously not top of the list in that part of Kent. The report linked above even has to make a remark about the officials being from Essex as if that was all a set up to make sure they lost. If the amount of support they had on Fri night is indicative of what they take to Bromley (farther away) I dont think the bar takin compensation wil ammount to much.
  5. Priceless couldn't we have played on your old ground which youm still have. Oh sorry forgot you decided to spend your money on players not the ground grading requirements.
  6. If you ask for Derek or Graham at the main gate we will try and keep a place for you in the main car park but try and get there by 7.00 as if any later it will probably be full.
  7. Burger bar subject seems quite emotive. Food seems to get a good write up but drinks poor. The reason it was franchise was that nobody from the club would do the job anymore. I think the last person was Rod Moore's wife and to be fair the income was quite poor. At least this way we have coverage whenever we are playing with no cost to the club if a small crowd. As one who eats at most away grounds I think steve does a good job compared to similar establishments elsewhere. A certain defender seemed to gain weight eating there regularly last season. Some good ideas coming from a varied source of supporters regarding the way to increase attendances. Perhaps we can arrange a brainstorming night one Thursday in the near future. A point to think about is that there are 2 different situations. saturdays where the family attendance could help and tuesdays where the youngsters do not usually attend so we nee different solutions to raise gates at both day and evening games.
  8. Good luck to macca, we will miss him both on and off the pitch but the opportunity to go full time at Grays in todays economic climate was obviously a chance he had to take. Lets hope we see him back at some time whether playing in an essex cup game or just visiting.
  9. According to their web site gone into administration and will suffer 10 point reduction. That is presuming they can find a buyer and dont have any unpaid football debts that will get an FA suspension.
  10. This is the worst side of football. A club who has supported an injured player for 2 years and this is how we are repaid. I hope for his sake he does not come to the pre season "freindly" as I dont think he will get a very hospitable wellcome.
  11. I heard Flackie wwas going to stay but decided he might not during the presentation night caberet.
  12. I wonder if the fight will be televised
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