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  1. I thought the kings Langley manager left ? Will the players stay ?
  2. He has nothing to do with hoddesden mate just likes the people at the club .
  3. Can I just say to end this matter , I have spoke with l t g and he sounds like a top bloke who justs love ssml football , and it wasn't till speaking with I realised how stupid I and we are being , can I just say on the hoddesden matter I really have no problem with them what so ever , when we played them twice they were good games and we all got on , well the second was not so good for us lol but we still went and drank with them after game as they was a gret bunch , if you go back to my posts after that game you will see what I mean , whilst I was out in Florida and had a few drinks lol u th
  4. And goodbye again lol sorry but I had to come back on to send the message that I did not just make it all up , I also apologise if I have offended anyone on this forum in the past .
  5. I still stand by what I said in first place you can also call my chairman as he has it all to say on matter , maybe he got in from the top , it will all be brought up at my hearing and I will ask the ssml board to there face if hoddesden did this . Don't give me abuse On this forum about my spelling and stuff call me on 07407642278 .
  6. This is rubbish. Stating facts and an honest opinion. Can you just clarify then Craig, is this an FA Charge or SSML fine? ssml mate
  7. I have just found out its the comment made about hoddesden , they should do it the propa way and finish in top 2 and not ring up ssml and say our ground is not good enough for prem .
  8. I have been charged with bringing the game into disrepute . Last time was £400 so not sure .
  9. Ampthill have received yet another fine for using abusive words to another club on this forum , on the 20th may ? So I will no longer be coming on this forum , but I wish everybody good luck for the future . And if anyone could find the comment made it would be much appreciated thanks .
  10. Talc - Well spotted, the Ampthill Town game has been cancelled: http://www.astonclintonfc.co.uk/matches.asp?ResultsFixtures=fixtures are you sure about this , Eric has spoke with Clinton sec and even he seams to think are game is on ?
  11. So y do we think we are playing you talk , has anyone rang Eric
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