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  1. I love autumn! Spent the morning walking through the woods and round the lake at Clumber Park. Stopped for a very tasty lunch at a typically disorganised NT Cafe then home to tidy up the plants flattened by the frost during the week. Goodbye runner beans, thank you for filling our freezer. Best of all a return to form for The Rebels with a 4-0 win over Rugby.

  2. Glad to be back from football in one piece. Thanks drunken morons from Hanworth for spoiling a great day out with your mindless aggression, racist & homophobic chanting. Oh and on the pitch we drew 2-2 to be in the jar for Monday's 4th qualifying round draw.

  3. 1-1 at half time. Very stressful now.

  4. A man sized plate of scampi for dinner thanks to some over enthusiastic freezer defrosting! At least I've managed to clear the defrost drain.

  5. Today just keeps getting better. Local beer, runny Camembert, homemade chutney and QI on Iplayer.

  6. It gets better. Relaxing in the garden with a cuppa after Slough hung on for a 3-2 win over Boreham Wood. Lucky I bought some beer from Wirksworth Brewery for later.

  7. Knacked! Just played an hour of football for Slough Supporters against Rugby. After a goalless first half it went a bit pear shaped and we shipped 7 second half goals. I hope the proper team do better later on!

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