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  1. Rhodes it was a team made up of reserves and youth players and they were outstanding, good crowd of 182 turned up so all in all a good day, realistically it’s gonna be tough going for the rest of the season, starting at north Greenford on Tuesday , hopefully a couple of more experienced local lads will sign on to help out
  2. I know for a fact if tring finish runners up, they will take promotion, I think they have to don’t they ???
  3. It’s all hit the fan because of him Rhodes as far as I see it, he left well before Xmas I think, Let’s see what happens next, I fear he has had his nose put out of joint and will continue with a takeover bid. Just my thoughts
  4. As an ex committee member of tring myself I will have my two peneth worth to this debate an email with documents that were gonna be presented to the egm at the end of February , was sent to all club members in advance of meeting, in those documents was a list of 12 names, including players and coaches who along with ex chairman Wells proposing to replace the whole of the existing committee with a new executive committee, one of which was manager Kevin christou !! Now whatever people think of the current committee, these are hard working good people who have put everything including their own money into running tring the right way over the past 20/30 years , running in the black without overstretching the finances, this season tring upped its player budget to probably the highest in the division and its current league position is testament to that, now as far as I know the budget was being overspent and had to be bought back into line, which is what happened the crunch of it is, once the proposed new actions of mr wells was know, the club had no option but to relieve Kevin of his duties .and imho had no other option ! now Kevin is a good guy and his team have been superb this season and I genuinely hope he gets another job soon and all the players get sorted also, a great bunch of guys but as far as I can see the current committee had no other choice but to remove everyone involved . It’s all very well trying to move the club forward and as a supporter I would love to see the club in the southern league but not at the cost of crippling the club financially.
  5. A very hard fought win for Tring Athletic at Newport Pagnall, a fiesty affair to say the least, two 2nd half goals, a Max Mitchell twice taken penalty and a 30 yard rocket from Michael Toner. this after NP had a player and the manager sent off before half time !! a tough game which lacked a bit of quality football
  6. playing with plenty of confidence, strongest midfield i have ever seen at Tring,goals coming from everywhere. just added George Brinkman to the squad too. although our best performance of the season so far was in our home defeat to Colney Heath !!!! its a funny old game !
  7. Another solid win for Tring again last night against London Colney, two goals from Dan Ferrigno keeps us clear at the top, FA Vase action at home this saturday. v Woodbridge Town,
  8. Elmo


  9. i watched leighton pre season and they looked very similar to last season, not many followed the old manager to Aylesbury FC, should be strong again
  10. im hoping my team Tring will be up there come the end of season with new signings Ashton Campbell and Alex Campana from Berkhamsted, Carl Mensah from Welwyn, Kieran Turner from Kings Langley with Roy Byron and a fantastic young lad called Billie Busari. along with most of last seasons squad, should be a better showing this time round only two players have moved on Max Hercules(Aylesbury Utd) and Steve Nott-McAire(Risborough)
  11. good first win for Tring Athletic yesterday 2-0 against a good Baldock team. a debut goal from Ashton Campbell(Signed from Berkhamsted) and another from returning Kieran Turner(Kings Langley) Tring have made some good signings with Alex Campana(Berkhamsted) Carl Mensah(Welwyn) and Roy Byron . hoping for a much better season from tring this season pitch played ok, but boy does it need some rain
  12. Andy is still banging em in for Tring Corries in Division Two this season, would have been right up there as top scorer in SSML if his hamstrings had held up over the past few years. Top bloke to go with it to !
  13. 205 was the crowd at Tring Athletic v Berkhamsted, Bit of a surprise with Tring stuffing Berko 4-0, Taylor Collins with 2 in the first half, with Sam Joliffe hitting a 35 yard screamer into the top corner, and former Berko player Kieron Turner getting a last minute 4th, good performance from Athletic , Berko were very subdued tbh
  14. Chris Vardy gets another 3 goals for Tring Athletic in a comfortable away win at Stotfold, Great club,good people by the way !!
  15. Two excellent results for Tring Corinthians, Colin Phillips is a top bloke and will do an excellent job there, Ex Tring Athletic legend Andy Humphreys got 2 on Saturday and ex Athletic Trevor Gibbs got 4 last night !!!
  16. Keith No don't do it, you are to old !!!!!
  17. Mark,give Julian Robinson a call a Tring, i know Trings young goalkeeper is off to the states to play next season,so maybe on lookout for new Keeper,
  18. Not looking good,makes you wonder why they wanna stay in Southern league !!! tough year ahead if they keep going !!
  19. Heard a whisper last night that Leighton Town have gone 'T*ts up' !!!! Chairman, manager and players all gone !!!!
  20. Popped down to Leighton to watch Aylesbury v North Leigh,and altho it finished 0-0 ,it was a great game to watch, Southern League NL started brightly and just about shaded the first half,but aylesbury came back well in the 2nd 45 mins ! north leigh even managed to miss a last min penalty !!! Aylesbury had one final chance to win it,when giant striker Melford Simpson was clean thru,tried to go round the keeper but messed up royally !!!! 0-0 was prob right result, good game.
  21. Tring Athletic 1-0 Hanwell Town much better display from Tring today, pretty even first half but an early 2nd half goal from Sam Mitchell helped Athletic relax and play some great attacking football,only great saves from the Hanwell keeper saving them from a drubbing, Tom Vincent in the Tring goal not having a save to make, Hanwell seemed very subdued , pleased tring kept a clean sheet after tuesdays thrashing by berko
  22. Hertford Town 1 - 3 Tring Athletic went over to Hertford today thinkin the worst for Tring,New manager and much changed team !! and just before kick off my optimism was made worse when i found out Tring had 8 of the squad away or suspended !!!! its amazing what 90 minutes football can do to ,as Athletic produced a good display,dominating the first 45 minutes to go in 2-0 up,Fair play to Hertford tho,who came out in the 2nd half and put Tring under lots of pressure,pulling a goal back and putting another couple of chances wide,but Tring finished the stronger, with fit again record goalscorer Andy Humphreys getting his Hat Trick goal. Good hospitality from Hertford as usual, all in all a decent days work for Athletic
  23. Tring 2 v 8 Redbridge Redbridge were a very good side,and the score looks a bit of a shocker for Tring,but in parts athletic played some ok football, Redbridge had 7 shots in the first half,5 went in !!!!!! Tring scorers were Matt Jarvis and Vinnie Iannone !! could be a tough year for Tring with many players moving on after a change of manager ! 3 players who scored 74 goals last season have moved to other teams,and it will take new players time to settle in, i predict a mid table finish this year !! allthough Tring have failed to win a pre season game,performances have been ok, all but one fixture against level 4 teams !! Slough (0-2) Wealdstone (0-1) Hemel (0-4) Kings Langley(1-2) Leighton Town(2-2) thought manager would have picked an easier last pre season game,before this saturdays start against Hertford,but not to disheartened !!! Just finish by saying Redbridge players and management were a good bunch,understand manager and a few players were at Stanstead last season !!
  24. Hemel looked like a team 2 leagues above Tring last night, 4-0 didn't flatter hemel, good workout for Tring tho !!
  25. Good luck to Ryan up at Royston, did well for us down in Tring last season, he has gone to a good club !!
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