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  1. 04-January 11 - Happy Birthday MADEFM :)

  2. Yes iv heard of them, but not a great deal of their music. Cant say that im really that huge on them. Going to see Metallica of July 8th however, which should be good. They've also announced there playing live earth the day before. So does anybody else think Gibson should go and have Ridley step in?
  3. Well iv been all over the place really. But at this present moment im in portsmouth doing the Network Rail apprentiship (things are going bad, ey?). Iv been down here since last September and il be moing back to the great St.Albans 4 weeks on thursday. Yer im starting to grow up a bit I guess, and yes im still into metal (saw Megadeth at the astoria last saturday). Although im into all sorts now. Does anyone know anyone who would want to buy soem Live Earth tickets?
  4. Yerp thats the one! Apparently he's signed for us and did last saturday.
  5. Ha ha ha ha ha, im back on here once again. Only briefly mind. Just a couple of quick things, a friend of mine (unfortunatly he's scottish) has informed me that last saturday in the daily record, there was a small piece that said some keeper had signed for us. Cannot remember his name but he was mentioned on here before, has played in the scotts prem and has moved down to study at uni or something in london, wants a part time team, apparently signs for st.albans, remember my information source is from a scot. Secondly i have absolutly no confidence in the new management team, I can see this being an exteremely hard season for us. On review of last season the club in whole looked in a fairly healthy state. But just seeing it now makes me feel so disgusted, the park is falling to pieces, we employ a manager and assistant with no experience. WHATS GOING ON? All I have to say is that John Gibson must go, PLEASE! Every St.Albans fan owes a lot to him, he saved the club and nobody can thank him enough, however I think, he thinks he's actually going to make money from St.Albans? (ok so he is a geordie) but get real mate! This is non-league football! Sorry John, but as much I have the utter most respect for you, its time to go, you've had a good innings, but sorry. Finally if John goes (and god help us) I think it'd be a real turn of fortune if Mr Ridley would kindly step up. Iv read his book, ok he did do some things wrong, but im sure he's learned and could easily make the mighty saints, a team, a club that this great city and county deserve.
  6. Yerp, I would say todays game overall was fairly poor. Tamworth didnt seem too interested. The goal was well taken, but the referee in the 1st half was crap! Ok he gave most decisions to us, but he was way too soft. As for simon Martin coming on, I dont know why he is still even with us. I spoke to LL after the game and he said that you cant judge a player out of 5 games he hasnt even started, fair point. But we saw last season towards the end that he didnt do anything to drive the team.To me Simon just needs to be of a presence like Clarkey ( oh yer his bird went to school with me the dirty bugger!)
  7. Yep, i had some dickie bird tell me the same and that was Ada had left the club.
  8. Certainly a good idea, but im not sure if many people would do it.
  9. Just an idea for those chaps who run the club house. Beings that there are going to be more and more pople going up there on match days, i suggest that say, 10-15 mins before half time, they should start pouring 3/4 pints. Then when people come up, just top them up. They still taste fine, and you get through more people which means more money.
  10. ye, the segregation was the best iv ever seen at weymouth, NOT! they had a couple of bits of steel fence tied together with a bit of plastic. Was an absolute joke. Talking of jokes so was there team. if i was a weymouth supporter i would be disgraced. If a player is taken off in a match as big as that one, then your going to be disappointed. But you should never storm off, kick the dug out and push your own manager and staff out of the way.
  11. What a great mug shot! Thought we played really well, but we at least should of drew with them. We should win the play offs now as that performance reassured me that we arnt on a slide of form.
  12. Iv got a funny feeling we might end up like dorchester did. Just stuck in a poxy corner of the ground. I really hope this isnt the case.
  13. Personally I think its Bazza. He has always been consistant and if it wasnt for him we would of let in a hella of a lot more goals.
  14. I think pat will be good enough for the job and do it sweetly. I think if we manage a win again 'boro at the weekend it will be massive bonus, considering 2 key players are out. To me bastock, elphick and davis are the back bone of the team. All top draw performers and with davis covering every inch of the pitch its going to be a hard game against 'boro.
  15. No problem. Mind you, a lot of places round there arnt very nice.
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