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  1. aka PeteBeatz


    “Always look on the bright side of life”. We only lost 6-4 on aggregate.
  2. aka PeteBeatz


    One for PeteBeatz please.
  3. aka PeteBeatz

    Predictions Margate v Hx Bostik Prem Tue 18th Dec

    I hope Margate have a box of T-Light candles should they forget to fire up the floodlight generator. Also have a sneaky feeling of a long awaited Urchin league win 2-1, att 215.
  4. aka PeteBeatz

    Player update please

    Am I wrong to be concerned that all our new players have been playing at level 4 this season? Time will tell.
  5. aka PeteBeatz

    Predictions Hx v Potters Bar Bostik Prem Tue 11th Dec

    A much needed league win 2-0. A cold Tuesday evening att: 130
  6. aka PeteBeatz

    Predictions Whitehawk v Hx Bostik Prem Sat 1st Dec

    The start of a new era and hopefully a win. 1-0 to Urchins. att:145
  7. aka PeteBeatz

    Next Manager

    Keith Rowland another option who is local.
  8. aka PeteBeatz

    Thanks for everything Jim

    If Hornchurch had a hall of fame then Jimmy would be there. A loyal hard working and lovely man. A new manager will have a lot to live up to. Wish you all the best Jimmy in what ever you decide to do next.
  9. Another draw then. 1-1 att:190
  10. aka PeteBeatz

    Predictions Hx v Benfleet ESC 3RD Tue 6th Nov

    With all respect I don’t think our style of football encourages casual supporters to return. Yes it might get results but the long punt down the channels is not entertaining.
  11. aka PeteBeatz


    One for me please.
  12. aka PeteBeatz


    One for me please.
  13. aka PeteBeatz

    New Kit

    Sorry never liked hoops which belong to Rugby not footie.
  14. aka PeteBeatz

    Peter Butcher

    Very sorry to hear the sad news.
  15. aka PeteBeatz

    Playoffs tonight

    Bowers must feel gutted. I have nothing against Canvey and they haven’t broken any rules, but it seems morally wrong to be able to sign players so late on. The league should look at this for the future, why no transfer deadline day a few weeks before the end of the season? Whatch out Canvey perhaps Haringey can sign Harry Kane from up the road for the final on dual registration. Maybe he fancies another medal and £150 quid.