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  1. Just announced today that leagues below 6th tier can open to fans. Not so good news for the National leagues who still have to wait to October. Grey area? as a home club will we be open for fans playing friendly games against National league sides.
  2. All the best George for the future. It’s been a pleasure watching you play in Urchin colours
  3. Lewes have just announced a new manager, let’s hope he does not spur them on. 1-0 to Urchins. att: 310
  4. Maybe Mr.H will make Harlow as good as Romford then.😂
  5. I’m sure our under 18’s will make us proud win or not. Great experience for them, att: 50
  6. Rather have a big team than Carshalton or Aveley No disrespect to them as they probably feel the same.
  7. Tough test to see if we are good enough for a step higher. Historically when having a good season it seems our away results are better than on our own turf. If we click we can get a win. 2-1 Urchins, att: 350
  8. The Romford Recorder will all be about Romford now, we’ll just be the pub team from Essex😄
  9. He (Tamplin) has now sacked the entire backroom staff, signed 15 new players, installed himself as team manager and claims ‘ IT’S NOT ABOUT ME’.
  10. I think the smaller cup competitions are worth while as it gives a chance to play some of our fringe players.
  11. Can’t be there, celebrating our 25 wedding anniversary. I’ve already won now the Urchins can do it.
  12. Seeing we like to sign Enfield players perhaps we should sign their player who scored an og for us😄
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