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  1. Another draw then. 1-1 att:190
  2. aka PeteBeatz

    Predictions Hx v Benfleet ESC 3RD Tue 6th Nov

    With all respect I don’t think our style of football encourages casual supporters to return. Yes it might get results but the long punt down the channels is not entertaining.
  3. aka PeteBeatz


    One for me please.
  4. aka PeteBeatz


    One for me please.
  5. aka PeteBeatz

    New Kit

    Sorry never liked hoops which belong to Rugby not footie.
  6. aka PeteBeatz

    Peter Butcher

    Very sorry to hear the sad news.
  7. aka PeteBeatz

    Playoffs tonight

    Bowers must feel gutted. I have nothing against Canvey and they haven’t broken any rules, but it seems morally wrong to be able to sign players so late on. The league should look at this for the future, why no transfer deadline day a few weeks before the end of the season? Whatch out Canvey perhaps Haringey can sign Harry Kane from up the road for the final on dual registration. Maybe he fancies another medal and £150 quid.
  8. aka PeteBeatz

    Predictions W.Abbey v Champions Bostik North Sat 28th Apr

    Let’s go for it 105 points. 3-0 Urchins att: 135
  9. aka PeteBeatz

    Sporting Aveley

    I also thought that Aveley were very sporting. Wish them well next season. They now have a great setup in the new ground and improving support which could be a springboard for the future. Well done Aveley.
  10. We’ve won the league now so forget the long ball game, just turn on the style and entertain. 3-0 to Urchins. att: 350.
  11. aka PeteBeatz


    Don't wish to be greedy but would be great to get one more win and get over 100 points.
  12. Let’s win in style tonight. Hope it’s not going to be a disappointing Tuesday night. 3-1 Urchins. Expect a few extra fans than the usual midweek games, 235
  13. aka PeteBeatz

    Promotion and Exemptions

    Possibly no cruses up and down the estuary next season, if Canvey or Bowers fail promotion, Concord survive relegation, No Thorrock, Ricky go up, and goodbye for now Avely and Grays. Harlow then will be our local derby. Sorry Eastsiders you’ll have to change your song. We Hate..............
  14. aka PeteBeatz


    Wishing you a speedy recovery Jimmy. You have a huge family of friends.