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  1. History shows we don’t do well against Southern League sides in the cup, but I think our current squad will be able to see Kempston off. Go for 2-0, usual crowd around 230.
  2. I don’t think we’ve played them before, good to see a new face at the stadium.
  3. We don’t seem to do well there, but we will this time. 2-1 Urchins att:185
  4. 2nd goal absolute class. Well done stones fans being behind there team even when 3-0 down.
  5. Kel, It can’t be that difficult to pronounce ‘F-O-R-M-E-R U-R-C-H-I-N’.😄
  6. King Henry 2nd was a big Urchin Fan 😄
  7. Let’s hope for a more settled season, and we’ll know soon if all the changes have made us a more competitive side. Quietly optimistic. As for this game 2-1 Urchins att:225
  8. andydick, I just love Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers, I can’t say no to them.
  9. Doesn’t have a good ring to the name ‘The Bet Victor League’. Think I’ll just call it The ISTHMIAN LEAGUE far more classy.
  10. The announcement of the league new sponsorship has been delayed.
  11. Tina a lovely warm lady, you will be sadly missed. Condolences to Ken and family.
  12. Does the song go. ‘ We hate Dagenham and Redbridge we hate Hornfleet to........... HORNCHURCH FC for ever.
  13. So many good memories and games. My favourites were beating Lowestoft in the playoff final to get back into the Connie South, and so nearly taking a very strong Peterborough side to draw in the F.A. Cup, and of course the Weymouth Cup Game. Fav player for me has to go to Elliot Styles, he was loyal to the club, always gave his all and often had a blood stained bandage around his head to prove it. Worse moment has to be hearing that Jimmy Mac had an unexpected sudden illness. I hope you are making good progress Jimmy.
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