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  1. The current standard of the Development League is glorified junior football. Hopefully they can resurrect a decent alternative but that ship might well have sailed.
  2. Has been a catalogue of decline. All started when the League decided to cut many of the 26 existing Reserve teams adrift all based on ground gradings for a so-called Development League. Travelling has been a problem for the most northern based clubs who turn up for midweek games to find the opposition loaded with first team players. Oxhey Jets were totally stitched up in the Challenge Trophy semi-final if my memory serves because there is no qualification criteria. Last season the League started one month late due to a shortage of officials and ended with many games being declared 0-0 draws. Roll on, roll off subs doesn't appeal to all either. Biggest surprise to me is that it's the Hertfordshire clubs that have jumped ship. Ironic because the travelling is so much better for northern/western based clubs this season. Doesn't appear to have been much proper consultation with those involved otherwise this might have been avoided. There had better be some plans to reinstate a Reserve League or can see the who thing folding next season.
  3. Rumours that quite a few teams are considering or actually leaving this time around. Hope the League have replacements ready and waiting in the wings if this is the case. There were 26 reserve sides a couple of years ago and It's now down to just 16 development teams. Not sure the experiment is working to be honest.
  4. Anyone know if there have been any discussions as to whether this Division is continuing in its present format next season?
  5. Would have thought the sin bin experiment would work better with official linesmen helping out, as opposed to "homer" or substitutes.
  6. Hopefully this stupid idea won't be imposed on the Development League also. It's difficult enough providing Linesmen and policing who is under 25 without complicating it further.
  7. Wow. Didn't see that coming. With the Reserve League folding as well they've been hit with a double whammy. Hope it won't have off the field repercussions.
  8. The rules state that a team can play five players over 25 years old.
  9. Does this mean the remaining reserve teams without required facilities for the development league will be asked to leave SSML?
  10. Looks interesting. Any information as to why are Holmer Green are provisional?
  11. Seems that a proposal has been made to form a Development/Reserve hybrid type of league based broadly on facilities. Those not making the standard would be part of another section with the possibility of playing each other several times if numbers demand it.
  12. Forgive me if I've missed this elsewhere but does anyone know which, if any, teams have applied to join the SSML next year? And also, when is the decision made regarding acceptance/rejection?
  13. Makes you wonder if its even worthwhile taking part in this "tournament". Just creates a backlog of fixtures as far as I can see.
  14. Could be a few current first and reserve team players looking for new clubs in the new year.
  15. No offence but it seems to me some of you lads on here are playing with words. As I read it, he seems gutted with the way things turned out at Leighton. There's plenty in the statement showing positive intent.
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