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  1. E&E Rich Brilliant plan. So many positive factors from a players point of view at this level. The biggest one being the introduction of play offs. More meaningful games towards the back end of a season would be such a plus. It keeps the league much more exciting for the clubs that already know in February they can't win the league or get relegated, therefore just playing the games out to end another mid table finish season. Also less travelling and more local games to generate bigger crowds can only be good for the clubs. It would be great to see this passed by the FA. Fingers crossed!
  2. Play offs could work between CCL Prem and CCL Div 1. Bottom 2 of CCL Prem automatically relegated. Top 2 of CCL Div 1 automatically promoted. Then 3rd and 4th from bottom in CCL Prem and 3rd and 4th in CCL Div 1 enter the play offs for the final place in the CCL Prem.
  3. NLN, yes that's right. I'm not sure if that was their reason for joining us in the summer but they did start the season but didn't last very long. Most of our squad is made up with the boys that got us promoted.
  4. Maybe........ but i don't mind paying to watch it! Whatever he does outside the ring doesn't take away the fact hes a world class fighter.
  5. Who cant mix it Smudge.......?? Haye or Chisora? It can happen because any European Boxing Board can run a show in any European Country. It doesnt have to be the Boxing Board running it from the same country the show will be held or the nationality of the boxers.
  6. Its a fight all boxing fans wants to see. Haye should of never retired in the first place! Hopefully he will KO Chisora and get back in the World Title mix.
  7. We had 7 players! So our manager and assistant had to play making it 9! Then one of our players got in injured early in the 2nd half so we played the last 30mins with 8. I actually think we did well and it could have been 11-7. Certainly did well mate, full credit to you lads today. You missed out on the Golden Boot for the club though with the amount of chances you had!! Things dont change with me! I'll always score goals but miss about 8 a game! So Cards why did Banstead only have 7 players ? Never known so many players come and go from one club. Is it a case that the players couldn't be bothered 'cos Banstead were relegated to CCL Div 1 I ask myself ? There appears to be problems there which could result in them being relegated with what was a good budget ? Some massive scorelines yesterday on the penultimate weekend ........ I wonder why Smudgeyboy ....... ! Well i dont know all the ins and outs but my take on what happened is that the Chairman has been messing Dave about with the budget and players were owed money from weeks and weeks before. At the beginning of March a lot of players of the were getting the right hump and even talking about boycotting training and matches until they got paid. What made me laugh was the Croydon game. We nearly didnt play because of this reason and then got spanked 4-0 by a side who doesnt get paid a penny!! Yes its annoying that your owed money but at the end of the day we're all here to play football and enjoy ourselves aren't we? I found the whole situation a joke! I then went on holiday for a couple of weeks. I returned for the Wembley game, walked in the changing room and had to have a double take i was in the right one. There was only 4 players left from the previous squad of 18! Apparently everyone got paid up to date when i was away and they lost the semi so they all left. So all credit to Dave and the management as they managed to get basically another sqaud together in some short time. They've taken a lot of crap from people but its not there fault at all why the club is relegated. Yesterdays game i guess it the fact that we couldnt finish anywhere but rock bottom, it was the last game and it was away at Cove that no one could be bothered. bloody hel woody are these boys on life changing money?boycotting games and training over a few quid really makes you laugh It did mate. A lot! Their arguement was the money didn't bother them but its the principle of being told your getting something and then not. The whole situation just killed the club moral and atmosphere and its no suprise that we finished where we did. Felt sorry for the manager who had players nagging him left right and centre but the chairman wasnt playing ball. I just think that if you get paid anything at all at this level its a nice little bonus. If your that worried about your 30s and 40s each week then your in trouble! Surely we play football to enjoy it and have some good banter with team mates!? Sounds madness mate!!! The whole money thing that is! ....... Not the fact you missed 8 chances again!!! haha! Take the positives from it..... TRS wasn't there to catch it on camera!
  8. Easy this one....... Smashing our neighbours Baggie Lea 5-1! Hatrick infront of TRS as well!!
  9. FTFC Ressies 4-0 Staines Lammas Ressies win the league. Well done lads. Well done to Kev and everyone at Guildford for winning the league also today!
  10. Fair account TRS, not sure about the last statement? I'm not sure we would have have scored with fourteen players up front today!!! Looking forward to the highlights!? Trev, I think i would agree with the last part mate.
  11. This guy is prob the worst REF in living history!!glad to see it again on vid.I was sure the first time that he difinately did NOT walk any free kick at 10 yards!! The vid doesnt lie!!8yards 3 times! The whole game useless.Shows the standards in the CoCo....shocking....bad desicions all through the game.showed such arrogance to all the players................ truly shocking. Was good to go back to Sandhurst yesterday. Have to agree about the ref......... has to be the worst ever! Very smug in making decisions and was more concerned in matching undershorts and players swearing instead of controlling the game.
  12. We also do a first goalscorer game before every game. 20 coins in a pot numbered 1-20. £2 a go which is compulsory. If you get the number of the first FTFC goalscorer you win £20, the other £20 goes into the kitty. If we don't score or its an OG than £40 goes in the kitty. The kitty builds up very quick!
  13. I do the fines at Farnham. All the standard ones are £2 and there's a few big ones that are £5. However this month has been named "double fines Feb"! So far we have over £900 in the bank and at the end of the season it will all be spent wisely in Magaluf again!
  14. Aldershot Senior Cup FTFC 8 - 1 Four Marks Ashford Town (Middlesex) away in the semi final
  15. Cost us 2 points in a game we should of won with a poor penalty miss! Have to put this on here to keep NG happy. See....... i do post on here when i haven't scored!
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