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  1. I agree with you Ruggs but the days of young lads playing reserve football against grown men is a rarity now. U21/23 teams are just another form of reserve sides these days, just with a limit to stop young players from being held back by those who might have had their best days but were clubmen as often used to be the case. I think there was a discussion a while back on this forum about reserve sides & their purpose in the modern game but it's surely only worth having if players are going to eventually make it to the first team - not en mass necessarily but at least some. That doesn't seem to happen much anymore & although youth players may need 1 or 2 more seasons they won't necessarily have that time anymore because managers/club's outlook will often change in that time. I think it will only be supported if the club's feel a need for it. Having said that, the proposals I saw a while back by Barry Chapman seemed very professional & would help any club looking at that avenue.
  2. I didn't say he was playing for free. I said he hasn't got a history of playing at clubs that pay. I would think it would be more to do with playing regularly & as Burger said, being part of a side that helps him play higher.
  3. Interesting statement you chose to make there Burger... So I assume the new striker you signed who is the subsequently leagues top goalscorer approached you and he plays for free or did you approach him and offer him ££... There's no shame in paying players it happens but I hope it's all worthwhile in the end ;-) He played with Barry at Cobham for nothing, moved on to South Park for nothing. Whether he's on money at Redhill nobody except the club will know but his club history wouldn't suggest he chases a pound note.
  4. I'm on here JR, as is Chris. I believe his account name is Young Veteran. Pretty sure he's never worked in a bank but I may be wrong.
  5. I wouldn't quite say the reserve system failed because no players were coming through. You wouldn't expect reserve teams to churn out player after player every season, maybe 2 or 3 good ones over the space of a season - just like the youth team. In some cases that happened & in others it may not have but that may be for a number of reasons other than whether they're ready for it. Unfortunately reserve football has really nose dived over the last few years, in my opinion, with a lot of teams folding as a result and I think youth football has suffered indirectly because like you say Duncs, where will the young lads who may have excelled but not be quite ready yet for whatever reason play, to carry on their learning & adapt. Since the professional clubs have changed from reserve teams to U21 teams, a lot of that traditional outlook has changed from mixing young pros with those coming back from injury to progressing their younger stars. The actual U21s, or reserves if you like, are now going out on loan to gain experience. Maybe that might be a better way forward for some of these lads
  6. I don't think at this level anyone can distinguish between a wage & a budget. The days of players playing for their local club have mostly all but gone, meaning cars & public transport are relied on to get to training & games. Even if you were lucky enough to get £50 a week from a club you wouldn't get much profit from that once your costs are covered, which would surely equate it pretty much to the equivalent of expenses? I know a player that lived in South London & was getting a train 3 times a week to Walton (which assuming he paid his fair would have been about £45) but received £40 a week for playing for his team (if he started!). Did he receive a wage or expenses? There will always be players that will have lesser costs than others but overall I can't see any of this league's players retiring on their wages anytime soon so good luck to anyone than can make some money out of the game.
  7. RPV 1 - 2 Horley A good battle so far.
  8. Don't see why there should be a rule to stop people from receiving grants because they've already done so. I see where your coming from but at the end of the day these grants aren't handed out easily & have to be earned. As a few have already said, Bedfont Sports have worked hard over the last few years to not just get their first team up to scratch but the rest of the club too. Comparing them to Bedfont & Feltham you can see why they have received more grants. Although B&F's youth section has grown this year, Sports' junior set-up is huge, on top of a reserve team, an under 18s & the same on a Sunday. That is essentially what will get them grants & they've obviously invested it wisely back into the club & facilities. The other thing to bear in mind is these grants are available to all but how many clubs actually apply for them? If you don't buy a ticket you can't win the raffle. If other clubs aren't applying then why should Bedfont not profit from it.
  9. Sheerwater had problems with the drainage as well as couple of seasons back TC.
  10. Great goalkeeping displays at Dorking this weekend, particularly the Eversley keeper.
  11. How did Worcester Park play last night? or was the fixture reversed to Banstead?
  12. Who was in goal for Camberley? Didn't look like Bradshaw. Can't understand why Turkington was on the pitch when the physio was already on? He seemed to be more interested in arguing with the Frimley players than tending to his player.
  13. Nice little assist for the 5th as well Pearcey. Always been impressed with CWU when I've seen them this year. On their day I don't think there are many better strikers in this league than Mario & Eli. Good luck in the next round.
  14. http://www.nonleaguedaily.com/top-stories/brewers-granted-permission-for-3g-pitch-installation.html
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