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  1. Barking having a budget? Pull the other one!
  2. But to give a penalty for that he should have given one to use for a carbon copy of that on Bobby Port, and the amount of arms in backs that he didn't give free kicks for, even when they were literally right in front of his face!
  3. Enfield fans said to us that it was never a penalty, and that they had no idea why it was given. One of our coaches and their manager were sent from the stands in the aftermath of the penalty and i've never been a fan of slagging off referees but he was the worst ref i've ever seen in the ESL, full stop; completely out of his depth and so inconsistent it hurt.
  4. Possibly the worst refeering peformance i've ever seen at Mayesbrook today. Disgraceful. 3rd goal was never ever a penalty, and plenty of Enfield fans agreed. The amount of times he missed obvious fouls was a disgrace, his linos were no help, the goalscorer of the 4th was massively offside and Barking went clean through, with 2 players miles onside, only for the the other lino to flag up. The officials ruined something that had the potential to be a classic game.
  5. http://www.barking-fc.co.uk/cn_Brad_021211.html
  6. BARKING FOOTBALL CLUB PRESS RELEASE ISSUED BY DEREK PEDDER , PRESS OFFICER AND ARCHIVIST (07870818262/02085292483) ON 2-12-11 BRAD ROBINSON RIP It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Bradford Robinson , Barking Football Club committee member and stalwart supporter for thirty years. Brad died on Wednesday evening aged just 39 ,having succumbed after a painful battle against cancer. Brad has worked tirelessly for the club, made frequent and significant financial contributions and has missed very few matches during those years. As usual he was working hard at the ground during the summer. For many years Brad ran a fund raising club shop and organized the purchase and sale to supporters of replica playing strips, scarves,hats and other memorabilia. He was also editor of our programmes for a while and ensured the appearance of the club flag and banners at games. Some years ago,when we were in a higher division ,it was Brad’s additional financial contributions which enabled us to avoid relegation in several seasons. Throughout all his activity for the club Brad was always modest and self effacing.We have lost a dedicated supporter and good and loyal friend . He will be very much missed. Club Chairman Rob O’Brien said “Brad was the the supportive backbone of Barking FC in the last 5 years or so. He did all he could to drive the club forward and spent many hours doing those jobs that most wouldn't even consider. Due to his illness Brad was obviously not around recently and we had to cope in the short term, his loss is our loss in a bigger way than you can imagine. Barking FC was his second family but our heart goes out to his immediate family who has lost a loyal and loving son who will truly be missed by us all. The club would like to recognise all that Brad has done for this club and as a lasting legacy would like to name the stand or our newly opened clubhouse after Brad. Rest in Peace Brad.”
  7. Southend Manor 3 - 5 Barking in the Essex Senior League Cup 2nd Round 2 Leg; Barking win 6-5 on aggregate, first ESL team to beat them this season.
  8. Barking 4 - 0 BGU - Result of the Day.
  9. HWD were the better team because we played [censored], but they were playing for Theo.
  10. And Barking Res best striker was on the Barking FC bench today...
  11. No of course not, merely pointing out that Fisher are in reality an average team, and i think inferences about BGU's gear ratios should be taken from the fixtures they have coming up, which include us...
  12. Fisher are a poor team, we mashed them 4-1 last season, was 3nil at half time in the London Senior Cup
  13. We got [****!!****] over. That is all.
  14. Hate to be pedantic but it was Barking who beat them 13-0 and it should have been about 20....
  15. At their place they have a few, i went to one when they played GWR and D&R had at least 300
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