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  1. Brilliantly innovative shirt design for the club and well done to everyone for getting 442 to cover the story. The uniqueness of it is just so 'Windsor', and says much about how this club is progressing in the community and wider. Thanks to Thames Motor Group for their interest and support of course. It's great to be involved with this club!
  2. Congrats to South Park for a terrific win at Harefield. Great prestige for the CCL.
  3. No, but that's the kind of response I like! With wit like this we can rise above the dross.
  4. Brief News Update - and the first item might be of interest to any supporters who enjoy plumbing and/or sewerage systems (I believe in keeping minorities interested):- 1. Work started on the sewer pipe this morning. Turns out the pipe itself is watertight, and the last repair is doing its job well. The water seepage is coming from the surrounding area (possibly just run-off down the slope of the ground as water always finds a route). Fills the hole quite fast. The Cunning Plan from me, Steve R and our accommodating builder Martin is to construct a manhole to prevent the hole collapsing again, and install a pipe from this hole to a nearby manhole and allow the excess water to flow away. Seemples! 2. Changing Room ceiling : all the debris now cleared away and prices awaited for making it all look good for the incoming stars of next season. Will need to do some repairs to the roofing ashphelt too. 3. Pitch growing superbly and looks very lush. Current spell of rain working wonders. Weeds treated around main terracing and appear to be dying nicely (NB: is that an oxymoron?) 4. Arrangements in hand to clear the mounds of debris from the ground car park, and so give us back some vital parking spaces. 5. Arrangements also underway for a generator to be on site before the Wycombe Wanderers friendly on 23rd July. Cost from Scottish & Southern to upgrade the mains power supply sadly too expensive at present. Not exactly earth-shattering news this week, but you didn't know that until you'd read it! And hands up those who had to look up 'oxymoron', and are still none the wiser......... More news soon.
  5. Thanks for that JR. It certainly does - and the blocked pan in the male toilet will bear testimony to it! I should have added that one to the list, but sensitivities got the better of me! If the perpetrator had been sponsored for his efforts, we'd be making a lot of money. Instead of that, it all just went down the pan. Well, eventually it did......... Oh, the joys of non-league football.
  6. A couple of weeks further on and the updated information about the ground is:- 1. Pitch looking excellent since the topsoil mix was spread. New turf in goalmouths has taken well and is growing nicely. Ian G and George were there today cutting the pitch run-off and strimming around the ground, plus spraying some weedkiller. One has to admire their dedication in the boiling heat. One good thing from the hosepipe ban is that our water bill should be lower for this period! 2. All pitchside banners now down and bins emptied, although lots of loose debris blown around from parties in the clubhouse. Plenty of weed removal around the terraces and clubhouse to be done in the coming weeks. 3. Bad News : We've suffered a complete collapse of the false ceiling in the home dressing-room. Water ingress through a weakness in the roofing was the cause. All the ceiling panels destroyed, plus the recessed lighting. Prices already requested for refurbishment. 4.We'll also be replacing the door to the mower shed (did I hear a slight cheer from Mr Gould for that one?!) 5. And in the spirit of always saving the best till last - work starts next week on repairing the broken sewer pipe at the bottom (no pun intended) of the players walkway onto the pitch. More news soon.
  7. Bins


    Update on Wednesday 16th May:- Turfing done in the goalmouths by Lewis and George today.
  8. Just some minor - but important - news for those who are already missing the football action! 1. Ian Gould, Lewis and George began the pitch renovation straight after the CCL Division One Cup Final. The pitch has already been verti-drained, and had 80 tonnes of topsoil/sand/rootfeed spread on it. 2. The overall condition of the grass is very good and the only worn areas are the two goalmouths. The best solution to this will probably be to lay deep-cut turf rather than re-seeding. 3. The hosepipe ban does encompass the ground and therefore can effect pitch maintenance, but the wet weather is helping, especially after the topsoil spreading had taken place. 4. The pitchside banners are being removed, rolled, labelled and stored to avoid any damage whilst the renovation, grass cutting and edge-strimming takes place. Anyone who wants to have a banner for next season should contact Sam Gilson at the Club, or anyone on the committee for details. 5. There'll be plenty of general cleaning and tidying of the whole ground over the close season, and any extra help would be much appreciated. Again, please contact Ian Lucas or anyone on the committee if you have any spare time and want to help. One job that just requires a stiff broom is clearing the terracing of debris, moss and weeds. Believe me, it's great down there on a decent day - peaceful, birds singing and the occasional plane overhead! I'll update more as we progress.
  9. I'll add my congratulations to Guildford City for winning the league and ensuring there was a good challenge for the title over so many weeks and months. Good luck at Step 4, and I hope you enjoy better support at home - and away of course - as a reward for all your effort on the pitch. No idea where Nice Guy gets his budget figure from, but we'd appreciate the return of the rose-tinted specs. We're building for the future - although I'm sure he understands that by now - so infrastructure and support is paramount for us. Great first season nevertheless, with more to come. Sometimes the ride can be more challenging and rewarding than the arrival. We've already experienced some of those rewards with the level of local support, plenty of stimulating football on a wonderful pitch, visited some excellent grounds and met a lot of wonderful people. The ride continues.
  10. You sure it wasn't a typo in the first post and it's actually 'Dressing Down Day'? Mind you, that would be equally strange given this is Windsor. One simply doesn't dress-down in Windsor, does one? Also wonder if our trumpeter might put in a welcome appearance
  11. Sincere Thanks and Merry Christmas to the 3,600+ who read this enthralling and entertaining exchange of views. All that remains is to hope you all can get to the Egham game tomorrow and enjoy the atmosphere, let alone a great game. Weather looks good, pitch is fantastic, the festive Programme is will have you rolling in the aisles (or the terraces), the food is enticing and the bar is stocked up. What more could you want as a Christmas present?!
  12. The alternative was 32 one-page programmes. Strangely, there is no mention of the Spelthorne game on (a) their website, or ( the League website. Just checked the club website for 7th November fixtures and it says "there is no information for this date". In addition (and I haven't read the League Rules), Spelthorne are a Div One club and this is a Premier Challenge Cup. They've already been knocked out of the Div One Challenge Cup by Guernsey. Do Spelthorne actually know they're due at Stag Meadow on Monday night? Surely they do. Luckily, they're not too far away for a quick dash. I think they should be told.
  13. Watched the Youth Team tonight under the tutelage of Mr Woodham. They looked excellent. Scored after just 28 seconds, were fast, direct, took people on, comfortable on the ball and very confident. Had to leave at halftime, but we have some VERY promising youngsters who may well benefit from being with the First Team on matchdays, and maybe get a run out if (sorry 'when') we're dominating games. Well done Mick!
  14. I understand the sentiments expressed. I'm as angry as everyone else that equipment we hired in good faith then failed to deliver what it was designed and required to. The firm are based in Colnbrook and have already been called and written to. I expect an urgent response from them tomorrow morning, and for them to provide a full explanation once they discover what caused the failure of their equipment. Meanwhile, the project to provide additional power to the ground is out to tender. It's taken a long time to investigate why the power to the ground is insufficient, find an additional supply other than spend a fortune with the network supplier for a brand new main, and fund the works, let alone project manage it. Unlike a fully-staffed, normal business operation that's open for business 40 hours a week, we are a non league football club run essentially by a volunteer resource. We've achieved a tremendous amount since February. This was one of those moments when our reliance upon professional suppliers let us down. We'll get it resolved as fast as we can.
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    Hi Everyone

    Just out of interest is kick of 3 o'clock ? Yes it is Yossa. Plenty of parking outside the ground. Tea Hut, bar open.
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