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  1. Happy Birthday RalphC!

  2. Rhodes - bet you are deighted that Ched Evans is now a free man Did you raise a glass that he was found not guilty in his retrial?
  3. And your point is? The swastika used to be a common image on of peace if I am not mistaken. Yet people now remove these old images just because Hitler used it. If he used the symbol of a black and white football, every game would probably now be played with red balls. It is all daft and stupid. There is nothing wrong in what the queen did as a child. Children learn by play - simples!
  4. Come on - most kids in the 60's & 70's and probably before put their arms in the air and their finger of their other hand beneath their nose.
  5. All I have been told is that they always now take action against anyone inciting violence and threats to others online in this manner. Not wasting their time at all. They even told me that!! that is the spelling I was given.
  6. https://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2015/01/07/ched-evans-not-the-account-youre-being-given-by-the-mainstream-media/ interesting article.
  7. Thanks to the person who confirmed you are Alan Fenn - have updated the police
  8. I have reported your threats of past and future threats to Romford Police who take such posts on the internet very seriously - http://content.met.police.uk/PoliceStation/Romford I have taken the liberty of giving them your name. Hopefully you are Alan.
  9. We let far too many foreign nationals into this country. We must keep them out, unless they have a genuine reason to live here. Marriage is not enough.
  10. Would you inflict the same serious damage that you are suggesting others do?
  11. Indeed - if they do not want to support the club, then well done to Oldham for not bowing to pressure from them. I have read that many people have congratulated Oldham for taking a stance.
  12. What a pathetic man you are then - clearly you think stealing is okay. No wonder we are better without union scum
  13. And if he is cleared of any wrong doing - what will be your thoughts then?
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