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  1. Happy Birthday Henry!

  2. I'll be going round there shortly to have a little look. Hopeful
  3. Stand out fixture of the the day is the Woking derby at Westfield. All welcome for what will no doubt be an exciting game
  4. Pretty fair and accurate report I'd say. Game played in a good spirit with a nice bunch from Colliers. Shame all out efforts to get the game on ended in defeat!
  5. Pretty much since I wrote this it's been raining. Chances getting slimmer
  6. Met office still showing a chance for this afternoon but it's been far better than expected. Good chance of some games being on tomorrow
  7. I didn't realise it was. How come Palace are no longer in it?
  8. Do clubs not have to give ratings as it is? Be interesting to know if there's as much of a chasm between the scores from the winners, and the scores from the losers, as you'd expect
  9. Met Office saying rain a lot of tomorrow and Friday, not sure it's too optimistic
  10. This wasn't a dig at them by any means. Merely saying that bearing in mind it is 'prone to becoming unplayable sooner than most' having Epsom using it too was always going to become logistically difficult
  11. Quite possibly, it's a tough one, just difficult when a pitch is notorious for having issues with games off to then nearly double the amount of games. Without the money though it may never improve. It's a shame because they get it lovely in the summer generally
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