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  1. 28-March 11 - Happy Birthday Fleet til i die :)

  2. 28-March 10 - Happy Birthday Fleet til i die :)

  3. Javier Mascherano lookalike Danny Corney, the 14year old sensation is poised for a switch from his X-Box 360 to the mighty billercay, the weirdo enjoys licking sausages in his spare time.
  4. Heard a strong rumour that due to a dodgy knee, Antoine or "Antwarn" is poised to give up wigan and come to the lower leagues, and on the myfootballclub website it says that Sibierski looks likely to join us, what are your views on this? i think he could be a great signing, could be false though, aploiges if so!
  5. Any one know how much entry to this evenings game will be?
  6. The "idiot" was behind the middle of the goal a guy in his 50's - 60's was constantly on Lukes back, pleased to see that Luke had the final word. In the end a group of three of four teens (not chavvy looking) in fleet shirts told him to shut up, quite funny really <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/afro.gif" alt="" />
  7. Well played today, Luke Moore silenced that idiot behind the goal who was constantly on his back, didnt hear him after Luke's quality finish, good performance and good result well done Fleet !
  8. Does anyone know if Charlie Mccdonald was in this movie as an extra. When Newcastle play Man Utd reserves in the film, the guy taking the free kick looks identical to Charlie
  9. SAM GROOMBRIDGE! anyone know what has happened to him?
  10. Whats happened to him? Has he played this season? He looked very promising in the few games ive seen him
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