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  1. I was 29 when I got my first managers job at Fleet Spurs (step 6), people said I was too young after i was turned down for the job at Bracknell, however 6 years on and I am managing in the Southern Premier.... as a manager you have to start somewhere, and I was prepared to come down to a level I had never played at to cut my teeth (bit like Michael Charles is doing at Alton), and others should do the same. I applaud some of these clubs that have taken a gamble on younger lads, in particular Millers, Turks and Ben Murray are all doing superb jobs.
  2. With our game away at Histon falling foul to the weather, myself and Unders decided to take in a local game, and ended up watching Badshot Lea win 7-0 at Farnham. Is only my third CCL game this season, but have to say we both came away very impressed with Baggy Lea... worked hard all over the pitch, defended well and were very clinical in front of goal... from my point of view if they were to play like that week in week out they will beat a lot of teams, and could be contenders for the title next year if they keep the lads together and grow as a unit. Really enjoyable game, however probably not from a Farnham's point of view. Hats off to Tommo and Barney, they have put a good side together
  3. Surprised you think Dorking Wanderers ground is poor?? I went there with Godalming in the Surrey Senior, and I thought it was a great set up, with a cracking pitch... think they would be a credit to the CCL if they were moved over.
  4. Interested in your view on the Badshot keeper who is actually on loan from us (Slough) and is a 16 year old lad still at school. Has played twice for us this season already, and has been superb, but good to get a neutrals view on him and how he did, as have had the Badshot managers view. Cheers
  5. You say extend the season, well I am afraid I don't agree, it is the same for everyone... we managed to get games on over Christmas as our pitch drains well, when in reality we would have wanted them off, as we had lots of injuries.... and that affected us and our results (games in quick succession also)... same way it will affect teams who have to cram them in. Also people book stag do's/holidays to co incide with the season finishing... by extending the season throws those plans into disarray... I always tend to have stag do's etc to go on, and normally persuade the lads involved to book them no earlier than the 2nd weekend in May to co incide of any play off games. People talk about a winter break, again why?? we can not predict the weather, you could have a winter break and the weather be fine, for games to be called off after the break due to weather. What needs to happen is the league schedule games for Tuesday's after FA Cup games, and if there are draws in FA cup then they need to be rearranged... By doing that they can probably add another 3/4 league games in the first 2 months of the season, would be a huge help.
  6. Yes Ryan Lake was sent off for us for a "professional foul" which nobody appealed as Lakey had clearly won the ball, and even the ref played on for 10 seconds before pulling the game back as linesman was flagging. Luckily our games are filmed, and the video evidence was so concrete that the red card decision was an embarrassment for the 2 officials involved, and overturned, however as stated we were fined and got the penalty points still (go figure). Problem we had was for the first time in my management career I and Jon went into the officials room 50 minutes after the game with ref 2 assistants (one who had been very good on the night) assessor and our chairman (as on the night there must have been 5 extremely contentious decisions which changed the course of the game, all of which were confirmed by video). We sat there and had to listen for 15 minutes how the ref and assistants got everything spot on in the game from the assessor, when everyone in the ground had been puzzled beyond belief at the performances, and these are the guys that help refs push on up the ladder. I had said after the game that I would like to give them my e mail address, and that we would send them the full DVD and if they had got the big decisions wrong like we thought at the time they had, for them just to acknowledge it, and vice versa I would contact them and apologise if I was wrong. I never heard a thing... and for that reason alone is why I struggle with the whole respect campaign (and that is from someone who had an excellent disciplinary record as a player, and never even been cautioned as a manager). This was the decision that got overturned (I would say that one of our lads should have been sent off for foul and abusive language after the red, but I think watching that you can see the frustration in our team, especially as this was the 3rd poor decision in the space of about 10 minutes, and was a game that if we had won we would have gone top) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwgiPqFp47c
  7. I believe that Windsor were let down by a keeper the day before the game (possibly an illness) as Mick was in contact with us trying to get one of our keepers on loan, however as our first team keeper had a slight groin issue, we had to take our second choice keeper on the bench as cover in case. So guessing Mick did his utmost best, but just didn't quite happen in time.
  8. I don't think Guildford are too happy as they need a new management team and need to build a new side i guess, and therefore that might have been easier in the Central, but we are looking at it from a point of view that the Southern Central will have a number of sides who will be throwing money at it (by all accounts Dunstable, Royston, Rugby Daventry, plus who knows what Slough will do) and in reality although there is more travelling in the south and west, we have in my opinion a better chance of winning it, which will be our aim... Personally I used to play in that league and really enjoyed it with some nice grounds and nice pitches... Plus it gives is the opportunity for a few nights out in Bristol..... Roll on next season...
  9. Tommo this is the FA they will do things in their own time, if it does come out today it will be a lot earlier than last year, and with some of the uncertainty of a few clubs, I would not be surprised if it was delayed... In terms of Thatcham, some people have you down in Central and some in South West, at the end of the day NOBODY knows as they do not tip clubs off, they make the decisions, and then let people know.. So everyone is guessing... My personal guess, there is no way Walton and Hersham etc will be transferred over from Ryman with the Theo Paphitis connection, so there should be plenty of space in the Central... In terms of Casuals, I still think they may go down, and Spennymoor might go up, as the FA stated at the start of season anyone finishing bottom will go down, in which case Sandhurst will go down, however if the FA do backtrack (as they also said only one team up from Spennymoors league) then Sandhurst will more than likely be reprieved... I think it is safe to say Ash will not be going down?? Either way it gives us all something to talk about, and I look forward to any announcement from the FA
  10. Not sure I would constitute that a late night Duncs... Listen I am not saying if it is the right appointment for Ash or not, as if I am honest I am not fussed either way, all I a, saying is that is refreshing to see a club give someone a chance, if no club gave a manager a chance how would people progress???
  11. He is the guy who runs Old Farnboronians, and when I have come across him he seems a nice guy, and he put a decent side together there, think he has good local contacts, as he works/ed at the 6th form college, so will know a number of local players... Whether he has the experience does not matter, fair play to Ash for giving him the chance, if clubs don't give lower league managers the chance they will never get the experience, 3 years ago I was managing at step 6, but was giving a chance at Godalming 2 levels up.. I had no experience of managing at that level, and I think if you asked them, was a pretty good decision on their part. I am guessing he obviously impressed with his ideas in the interviews, hence why he got the job, so fair play to him and good luck... I think it will be a good appointment.
  12. We almost did.. Only 2 late goals won it, a day I would never like to repeat ;-)
  13. Sorry to hijack the CCL forum, but anyone not going to a CCL game tomorrow, and wanting a football fix, then we are at home to Biggleswade in the Southern Central Play off semi final, this will be a very tight game, and any support we could get would be great.
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