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  1. I think the fishy references went over most people's heads TSF as no bites were forthcoming
  2. Not CCL but if you're looking for a game to watch tonight Windsor are hosting the Allied Counties League Cup Final at Stag Meadow between Maidenhead United and Holmer Green ko 7.30pm. And just to keep Smudge happy the admission prices are Adults £4.00, OAP's/U16's £2.00.
  3. The only precedent set today was the fact that admission was in fact £1 cheaper than last year's final. As to the whys and wherefores, the league decide what they will charge for their finals so maybe they will respond to your question. Having made the decision this season to keep the finals in-house ie at member clubs' grounds, why would next year's game be at Ashford Town who won't be a member club, or is that just more speculation on your part Smudge ?
  4. Camberley Town vs Farnham Town @ Stag Meadow, Windsor, kick off 3.00pm Adults £9.00, OAP's £5.00, Under 16's £2.00, Programmes £1.00. To save any potential embarrassment at the gate please note that CCL club passes are NOT valid for this game. Don't forget the sunblock as it looks like being another lovely sunny day !
  5. Being replaced is the least of your worries, I'd be more concerned about Krooner feeling Grumpy
  6. Jellybean, just to clarify I wasn't having a dig at people like yourself who do travel around to a lot of games but those 'serial offenders' who wait for a freebie at half time week in week out ! Clubs can choose how they wish to approach the subject of paid admissions but I personally could never condone full price admission after half time. The trouble is most of us who do man turnstiles at our respective clubs are also supporters who like to watch the game so to then stay on after half-time to take more money takes away the enjoyment of the game but maybe next season I'll stand by our gates after half time and 'have words' with those who think it's a freebie as I'll no longer be in an official capacity so I'll just be speaking as a supporter !!!
  7. Think every club has some of those John - lifelong supporters with sewn-up pockets ! They got a shock at our place Saturday as they were stood outside at half-time waiting and we kept the gates shut for the whole 90 minutes
  8. If you're not going to Hartley Wintney vs Camberley today but want to watch a game, Windsor FC are hosting the Berks & Bucks Senior Cup Final between Aylesbury and Chesham Utd today with a 3pm kick off. [Adults £8, Oap's/U16's £4]. Saturday at Stag Meadow is The CCL Premier Challenge Cup Final between Camberley and Farnham.[3pm ko] Next Tuesday [10th] the Allied Counties Youth League Cup Final. [7.45pm ko].
  9. Not many Krooner, but then again how many teams actually went there ?
  10. That was the reason given on the CCL website John.
  11. Very unlikely Tel. Dorking Wanderers are leaving anyway so there's capacity for up to 6 new teams as they can go up to 22 teams in the division.
  12. I would imagine they feel the same, why would they feel any different ? Mind you if the rumours turn out to be true most of them could be plying their trade next season at a club very close to their home base last season
  13. Thank you to the 204 who attended the hastily-rearranged fixture and donated £430 to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.
  14. Yes Tango Man definitely a 'goer' with no issues whatsoever. Kick Off 7.45pm, free entry for everyone and collections being made for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust with a very interesting article about the condition in tonight's programme by one of our player's who has a young daughter who suffers from this debilitating illness.
  15. It was an awkward one to be honest Rich. If it had been 1 or 3 pm then definitely on and even possibly the original 11.30 but what with letting the visitors/match officials know before setting off and the impending forecast which was very wet until midday a decision had to be made. Still very disappointing though as it's the 2nd or 3rd one called off now in 5 seasons !!!!! LOL.
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