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  1. I think the fishy references went over most people's heads TSF as no bites were forthcoming
  2. Being replaced is the least of your worries, I'd be more concerned about Krooner feeling Grumpy
  3. Jellybean, just to clarify I wasn't having a dig at people like yourself who do travel around to a lot of games but those 'serial offenders' who wait for a freebie at half time week in week out ! Clubs can choose how they wish to approach the subject of paid admissions but I personally could never condone full price admission after half time. The trouble is most of us who do man turnstiles at our respective clubs are also supporters who like to watch the game so to then stay on after half-time to take more money takes away the enjoyment of the game but maybe next season I'll stand by our gates after half time and 'have words' with those who think it's a freebie as I'll no longer be in an official capacity so I'll just be speaking as a supporter !!!
  4. Think every club has some of those John - lifelong supporters with sewn-up pockets ! They got a shock at our place Saturday as they were stood outside at half-time waiting and we kept the gates shut for the whole 90 minutes
  5. Not many Krooner, but then again how many teams actually went there ?
  6. Thank you to the 204 who attended the hastily-rearranged fixture and donated £430 to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.
  7. Yes Tango Man definitely a 'goer' with no issues whatsoever. Kick Off 7.45pm, free entry for everyone and collections being made for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust with a very interesting article about the condition in tonight's programme by one of our player's who has a young daughter who suffers from this debilitating illness.
  8. It was an awkward one to be honest Rich. If it had been 1 or 3 pm then definitely on and even possibly the original 11.30 but what with letting the visitors/match officials know before setting off and the impending forecast which was very wet until midday a decision had to be made. Still very disappointing though as it's the 2nd or 3rd one called off now in 5 seasons !!!!! LOL.
  9. Windsor vs Knaphill now Wednesday @ 7.45pm Please note this will be a free entry game with collections being made for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust so please come along for a free to enter game but bring some change with you.
  10. v Knaphill but Alan's probably trying to juggle 6 things at the same time this morning !
  11. You missed 'declared' at the end of your sentence Chris
  12. Extra time is mandatory in the Vase, it's only penalties in the 1st game that need to be agreed by both sides.
  13. Rich, it isn't the same person as two seasons ago but I can assure you there was no hidden agenda there as Kevin hasn't got an ounce of malice in him, in fact I sometimes wish he did have a bit of a nasty streak but that won't ever happen !!!! I do however agree with you in that it didn't need to be said and I've tried to tell him that sometimes 'Less is more' as the PA announcements should be simple, straightforward, factual and informative but it seems you put a microphone in people's hands and they all want to be Jonathan Pearce ie make comment about everything other than the game itself !!! Like I say there's no malice but he tends to want to 'Fill out' whatever info he's giving as if people are interested in opinions - I was always taught 'If you've got nothing to say, say nothing'. Anyway, on to your match report and I had to have a chuckle at your comment about the 'Bobble' as it may have actually been Karma as prior to that one of your players kicked up quite a big divot and instead of replacing it in the hole he picked it up and chucked it about twenty yards - maybe that was the 'Bobble' that caused him to fluff his shot ???? LOL.
  14. "With regards to 4G fourth generation surfacing, 5G fifth generation surfaces and 6G sixth generation flooring then then the designs are varied at present with some pushing a non infill carpet for the 4G sports pitches and yet the 5G artificial grass is said to be fully rubber crumb infill but these are all speculations at present and no accredited governing body has approved these designs from IRB, FIH, FA, RFU or FIFA." I think you'll find I was correct [see above] anything with a sand/crumb infill is 3G and to become 4G it would have to be a totally different make up or it's just an upgraded 3G !!!!! If someone is trying to sell you a 4G pitch [a] you're being conned and you won't be allowed to play on it !
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