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  1. 4-5-1 was it just the lad that was attacked or were any other Lammas players involved or warlingham players?
  2. As I said I don't condone it 4-5-1 so don't take it personally fella. Look as mentioned I weren't there I'm going on word of mouth. At the end of the day this didn't just happened from nowhere. From reading, this guy has jumped on the pitch to get involved. Gone out his way almost. Issues threats to stab someone, not punch stab!! That's serious in itself. I agree the use of weapons is a cowards way but not everybody is going to accept a threat like that and not do something about it... Does anyone actually know the spectator. I agree he should be able to attend a match without getting beat up particularly with weapons but 4-5-1 I'm sure ur agree he didn't need to threaten anyone?
  3. So lemme get this straight... Based upon what's been posted... A non playing spectator has got involved I'm something he didn't need to, threatened to stab a player in the car park... ( this guy is 18 supposedly ) then the person he threatened has got his mates and they have beat him up with weapons?!? Ok whilst I don't condone any of this... Surely if this boy is threatening to stab a player and then gets beat up himself that serves him right for opening his mouth initially. Although what I will say is the use of weapons is uncalled for. I supposed we will be divided on opinions but for a fan to threaten to stab a player in the car park is terrible enough and had he not said anything initially none of this would have happened? Plus for this guy to threaten this surely he would have to of been in possession of a knife... why is a guy going to a football match with a knife, surely he had the intentions of some kind of altercation on his mind when he left his home earlier that day? Correct me if I'm wrong please. So smudge seeing as u took it upon yourself to go to the FA as u stated above, we both know that you are well aware of the ' ginger ' left back wondering will u again be making the FA aware of this?
  4. I think based on the balance of consistency certainently from since I've been back in div 1 frimley green deserve to win the league and I think if they can keep the same squad and add a few will finish top 6 quite comfortably. It's too close to call in terms of who will finish top 3 and the run ins are irrelevant as on their day I believe anybody can beat anybody in this league. Many twists and turns to come and hopefully the weather holds up so we can finish the season before June!!
  5. Terry being a friend of mine a long time friend at that upset me based upon his behaviour that's why I was so upset at the fact it was out of character for anything I have ever witnessed from him.... Assault?!? Slap?!? That is laughable as all I did was push him and tell him he was out of order for what he said.... Seeing as u was 20yards away and never heard his comments to the female funny u was able to see me apparently assault him seems u select what u wanna see or hear... I apologised for reacting the way I did admittedly although in hindsight I actually don't know why I apologised to u after u decided to call me big time and two bob which is neither here nor there. Anyways as previously mentioned that was a while ago and as far as I'm concerned put to bed. Any future messages in relation feel free to pm me cause I'm sure this is getting extremely boring to read for everyone else Oh lastly I'm glad u got home safely, as I never drove that day hense no lift offer. Regards
  6. My apologies SKFC so u did... I don't wanna fall out with u over what happened a month ago and take away what was actually a good game between us and you selfs!!! Have a good season n see u soon!
  7. In relation to our " manager " against SK yes he was positioned nearer to the corner flag behind the opposition goal rather than to the goal itself and I did not once see him trying to put the keeper off.... If anything ur keeper was bantering him.... Tell u what go old Trafford and ask 20000 behind the goal to move n stop putting the keeper off.... Won't get very far Anyway applogies for making the thread go off on too much of a tangent enough of this issue back to football chat
  8. PC plod lol original that.... Why am I not suprised that ur getting involved... Rather than admitting one of ya players was out of order u come on giving it the biggan... Says it all really don't it...
  9. Oh n nobody believes in Karma like I do and believe me it's a BITCH!!! Another eventful Saturday on the pitch gotta love it Oh n that bite will fill me up for a week!!!
  10. Lol smudge over the years despite any criticism u have had and given to me I have always defended u to the hills but due to ur last comment I have not a ounce of time for u and I never fort I'd say that.... Are u mearly annoyed and bitter at me for putting ur grandson terry fennessy in his place for callin one of our players mums a SLAG to her face right under UR nose and u said [****!!****] all!!! Now I have been raised to have respect for women something he clearly hasn't and is a real sensitive issue with me particularly when it's someone I no and if I'm honest he's lucky the player himself didn't do something about it but more importantly perhaps u should of done something about it, if my dad ever witnessed me saying something like that to a female I'd of been on my back before I know it, he got put in his place I was booked for it which the female in question PAID for despite me insisting ill pay it but more surprisingly when ref comes to u after the game and says " if I could resind the booking I would because I'd of done the same had someone said that " and ok he apologised under pere pressure but has to look at himself and if im honest so do u because that was disgaceful Even afterwards when I went up to both yourself and terry in the bar and apologised thinking it was the end of it u still chose to have a pop at me.... then decided to have a dig about me and Mr Clayton behind out backs because neither or us offered u a lift back to Croydon however seeing as u was having a drink till all hours unfortunately i dont have that time to wait Im afraid I do have family time which takes preference. Perhaps this is the reason u have taken a dislike to me....If not and there is Any other reason u only live down the road ill meet for a drink n we can clear the air if u chose or u can call me directly, u have my number, Oh n btw my profession has F all to do with anything so please leave it out of the equasion thank you very much. At the end of the day I can take one or two people coming on a forum saying they dislike me but everyday u criticise and piss people off think some serious self reflection is needed In regards to yesterday good game I enjoyed it physical game with a lot of bickering, at the end of the day I was captain yesterday and a few challenges were synical however hand on heart all I said to the ref is " you have a decision to make? " I like Westfield I think they r a quality team with a top manager in John n they will do well this year and wish them the best... Ground and facilities are great and had a real battle with a real old fashioned centre half and I'm sure he will wake up sore cause believe me I have!!! Oh Gilesy btw the doctor removed a puma king stud from my chest last week I believe it belongs to u, ill send it straight to warlingham fc re attention of ya self
  11. On a different note we are due to play chessington next Tuesday which will b off I'm sure due to no dramatic change in weather for the better so can't we change the venue to leg of mutton assuming Cobham aren't playing of course? How easy is it to do?
  12. When I was at Farnborough initially they were full time however I joined on a part time basis, after a month or so they went part time..... Thanks padlock.... I try to b available as often as I can work permitted and I think even when I'm not available valley have the squad to win games without doubt.... Mark, I guarantee there are a number of players who get paid a lot of money.... If the club has it to spend I don't c a issue with it but to fork out hundreds with no success is not a good investment in my opinion.... simmonds is a very good player n if frimley r breaking the bank for him money well spent IMO
  13. I think u boyz r forgetting I play for mole valley not frimley green....
  14. NLN not to worry mate me I love grandad he can ask anything.... Grandad u gonna come to the game on Saturday watch terry? Lift required?
  15. Grandad lol trust u to speculate.... Haha I left Croydon like 3 years ago for a PISSTAKE rather than the £30 I was owed. £100 per game r u insane I wasn't even getting that in blue square football... The reason I was so interested in my goals is simple, I love scoring them and wanna get as many as I can... No financial gain whatsoever, strikers love scoring goals none more so than me and because for the last year I have been playing left wing for chertsey and farnborough I am relishing being in my favourite position once again....
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