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  1. People need to let the whole vase thing and Amersham go. Chris Martin did the crime and has paid for it trust me. Any manager who says they have never in their time ever had to play a ringer when they have been stuck is a liar.
  2. I was sent to look at him by a Southern League club
  3. Haha I know its cheeky just being proactive. Do enjoy the details of your goals winslow always me feel like I am there lol. Thanks for info
  4. I am sure this won't be popular with a lot of managers haha but I am going to be scouting again next year. I have quite good knowledge of UCL, Spartan and Southern League Central but there is always a chance that you miss people. So are there any to watch look out for keep an eye on etc? The club concerned are Step 3. Thanks
  5. Thanks for all you're advice, being with a chartered standard club saves a bit as well. Might have to look into Kent then, I did the level 1 and that was easy enough but I am tired of having to rely on coaches its a side to management that I need to strengthen.
  6. Giving some serious thought to doing this in the summer. Anyone on here taken it? Any advice or recommendations of county FAs to take it in the South would be useful as well. Thanks
  7. Surely Craig you're ground is one of the best in that league from my memory
  8. Thanks Watchful! Suburban League is certainly a higher standard than Spartan Reserves and when I managed in there for a bit last season it was roughly step 6 and 5 players so will be a good test for the lads. All the best Rob
  9. Does anyone actually know what league Royston are planning to put the reserves in?
  10. Hello I know this isnt the Zameretto forum, but its by far the busiest one. We at Barton Rovers need some voluntary help as most clubs do: Groundsman Club Secretary If anyone is interested or knows anyone that maybe could they call the first team manager Danny Kennoy on 07944773188 Good opportunity for people to get involved at a step 4 club Cheers
  11. The football rumourmill always good for a laugh
  12. If anybody has taken the trouble to watch Stuart Reynolds closely during a game they will know that he never puts a foot wrong, he has a football brain of Hoddle and Brady proportions and his first touch is mouth watering, I would certainly put him right up there with former SSML legends Craig Hammond, Lee Scott and Takumi Ake who have all gone on to bigger and better things You would make a good publicist Rhodes
  13. So it can be presumed that he is happy with this arrangement then? Yes i would say so, especially if his facebook statuses are anything to go by
  14. Maybe I'm missing the point on this one then. Why is he even a joint manager if he would be happy just doing some coaching and concentrating on playing? He's clearly spoken out with a desire to do the managers role and as he has been given the chance why would he not want to be fully involved? All a little strange to me. Because this whole thing with Padbury happened very quickly, when the season ended there was no Padbury and Macca was joint manager to provide an influence on the training field and bringing players in. Now that Padbury have arrived it is clear that his in
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