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  1. This cup competition has brought great joy to us all over this dark period of our lives, one more step before we can truly show the boys how much this has meant to us all, cant wait for the next one, WHAT A DAY!!!
  2. great news, will look out for any posts on the channel
  3. Thanks to and1inthetree for sharing the penalty shoot out live, was as enjoyable as Lockdown 3.0 weekends can get!
  4. I know Maidstone have charged for every round of the Trophy so far...Urchins followed by England in the Six Nations, best tell the mrs to go for a long walk
  5. Think 50/50 is a good idea will circulate any info as it comes to try and get more buyin
  6. Where is the info on when you are doing works posted? My dad retired last week and is keen to lend a hand where possible
  7. Onto the next round...hope Dale doesn’t f*** it for up for us...
  8. Been a tough 18 minutes so far 0-1 down...not sure how this will turn out
  9. 100% would have called out anyone if that had occurred. More importantly a disappointing result, had more of the ball and their centre half should have been sent off but the dismal start to the game was too much to come back from. Despite being 44, you can see the class of Cureton, his link of with Cunnington should produce plenty of goals.See you all soon, Tequila!
  10. If only he was in goal that day rather than Dale!
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