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  1. Calm down Ruth, club have lived on the underdog slogan of "A Pub Team from Hornchurch", a song we have sung for years albeit previously Essex rather than Hornchurch. Lets not try and bring a downer on the positivity
  2. Great effort yet again, actually my wife is currently making lasagna how strange
  3. Just watched the extended highlights on BT, probably the 10th time i have watched some form of highlights now, still getting goosebumps watching it. Well done to all involved you have made a lot of people very happy. Many men questioning where this day fell vs wedding or birth of children. This pre season friendlies cant come quick enough to ensure the club makes the most of this publicity and good will. Up the Urchins.
  4. 3 more Scott Evans Gary Evans Ross Evans Thanks - added to subscription list - Tony
  5. Don’t expect to use it with no alcohol available
  6. 1. Very excited 2. With you all the way 3. Right to left 4. Maybe an injured shark 5. No eat food and the atmosphere all at once 6. No, drinking time 7. Words cannot express so I will use an emoji 🤯 8. No but I have seen a baby goose 9. 2 crocs death roll the shark, then make love on the sharks body 10. I will hold it against you tomorrow win lose or draw ( obviously will respect the social distancing rules and hug safely)
  7. Plans in motion for the journey to Wembley Way, where are people planning on drinking on the day? Thought this week was going to go slowly but nearly through 2 days of the working week and it has flown by URCHINS
  8. Do we know if beer will be able to be purchased in the ground, i have heard that no alcohol is to be sold inside?
  9. shotgun doing the pole vault jump
  10. Thinking about it again i do think Essex is the better option myself. We have sung Pub Team From Essex for years, i know the players sang it on the coach but...
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