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  1. I know Gary and he's a very ambitious guy, I'm supposed the club are in the position they are, I've been over there a couple of times and it's a strange atmosphere , not football more a sports centre , in my opinion that is .
  2. I see. Walton and hersham sacked there manager yesterday ?
  3. Top man burger, look forward to the pics
  4. From small seeds great oaks grow !
  5. Besides Twitter is shit , one drunken rant and the FA are breathing down ur neck !
  6. Hopefully it's the later, as I enjoyed many a lonely night in on my own with just my forum friends ?.
  7. It's a shame , there have been some wonderful rants on here over the years ( mostly something to do with smudge ) and some very serious and not so points .
  8. Rip the fans forum and all it's wonderful characters and the not so wonderful .
  9. Compleatly agree , re the keeper very good I would have him in a hart beat. I think the work rate from both sides was imence
  10. What did you think of the reserves game ? Personally I found it a lot more entertaining with much better football that the first team game .
  11. Westfield reserves had a good run out against red hill reserves . Two from two for us. And I had 5 trailists on Saturday so pleased with how things are progressing .
  12. Anyone see my Westfield reserves play Ash reserves yesterday ?
  13. Westfield ressies ran out 8-3 winners , so you lot missed out ?? the first team didn't do to bad either at Cambo ??
  14. Westfield reserves are playing leatherhead reserves tonight at Woking park , beer, burgers and a balcony to watch plus you can all moan as much as you like because we don't have s club soliciter ??????
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