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  1. Bracknell have said they couldnt agree a new deal with Bayliss so he's off somewhere!
  2. Pete Skapetis joined Dover 2017/18 from Stoke City Aussie journeyman
  3. Yes excellent performance reported on all over social media Its strange how his alleged weaknesses dissapated as soon as joined Ascot !
  4. I notice that the two home pre season fixtures so far announced by Beaconsfield both KO at 1300 hrs This seems to be a developing thing I prefer the traditional 1500 hrs KO How about you?
  5. Thanks for that SF I think its important that we allow things to progress until we do have the resolution we expect and can confirm new owners as a matter of fact.
  6. Agree RR The club website still says the club is owned by the Orchard Community Sports Club if thats no longer true then time for some transparency surely?
  7. Congratulations also to Halifax who beat Gateshead 1-0 to win the Trophy.
  8. Yes if Scotty does sign another keeper then Rhys im sure wouldnt come back His performances since he left have been exceptional Rhys wasnt helped with us by a number of shite displays in front of him imo
  9. Surely the question that needs asking is Why shouldnt he be first choice?
  10. Brilliant save by Rhys 83rd minute Fulltime Ascot 1 Newport Pagnell 0
  11. Yes good luck to Rhys and his team He's been in brilliant form 9 clean sheets in 11 games after leaving us It will be a tough ask Newport Pagnell are the current Vase holders beating Littlehampton 3-0 last season.
  12. He is on a list of Aldershots retained contracted players for next season so youre probably correct!
  13. This is still what the club website is saying on the contact slough town fc page about 10 mins ago !!
  14. Just beaten in a playoff game so inheriting a good set up if the players are retained
  15. I always read the opponents social media and am often struck by comments about the number and behaviour of our travelling fans so im sure your correct sdelane.
  16. Im sure thats correct Glen only success guarantees interest and rising crowds (except perhaps alcohol and classA Dulwich) Although Dulwich had the highest average they were third in the individual list St Albans achieved 3696 and Dartford 3386 Our given maximum 1211 pla ed us 20th.
  17. Thanks to the end of season revival in our attendances as we fought to retain our status our season average was 665 having been mid five hundreds most of the season Relegated Dulwich came top and the other relegated teams Hungerford Cheshunt and Concord occupied the bottom 3 places
  18. SloughFlyer Youre correct Thanks for that Says no cash entry on the day !
  19. Just a reminder for anyone in need of a footie fix the B&B final is on tommorrow at Ascot Uniteds ground 7.45.
  20. Dowson taking defeat with his usual good grace Needs players next season who want to play every game This season spoilt by players who were happy to relax on treatment tables! He really is a strange lifeform!
  21. Chances of getting Eddie Simon ? NIL Hes a dentist and they make up their pay cheques dont need more!
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