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  1. 39 minutes ago, Reading Rebel said:

    We did at the start of season 2017/18 in ended 0-0.

    Some names to conjure with in our squad for that game:

    Jack Turner, Nathan Smart, George Wells, Alan Inns (c) (Nathan Webb), Mark Nisbet, Lee Togwell (Warren Harris), James Dobson (Pete Skapetis), Simon Dunn, Matt Lench (Paul Hodges), Chris Flood (Gavin James), Sean Fraser. Subs not used: Guy Hollis, Brad Wadkins.

    Begs the question who the hell was Pete Skapetis?



    Pete Skapetis joined Dover 2017/18 from Stoke City Aussie journeyman

  2. 2 hours ago, DonnyNo6 said:

    Great photo that Gary, I'm sure Rhys will catch up with you about getting a few, he's currently sunning himself on a beach on one of the Greek Islands.

    Yes excellent performance reported on all over social media  Its strange how his alleged weaknesses dissapated as soon as joined Ascot !

  3. 1 hour ago, SloughFlyer said:

    Both of those things can be true gents. A23 didn't own the club when they were here the first time.

    I'm as disappointed as everyone else that the "official" takeover hasn't happened yet, but I think with what we have seen so far, its pretty clear the way its going. We all know the FA are useless at the best of times, so is anyone really surprised that its taking this long.

    I'm 100% certain, as soon as they are able, A23 and the old owners/custodians will be on it with the news etc. As frustrating as it is, we have to hurry up and wait for a bit.

    Thanks for that SF I think its important that we allow things to progress until we do have the resolution we expect  and can confirm new owners as a matter of fact.

  4. 1 hour ago, Reading Rebel said:

    So, A23 has officially been announced as being back at Arbour Park next season with a new look academy structure.

    This sounds like an exciting new structure to get the best talent on board.

    What I don't understand is how this can be announced now if, as far as us supporters are aware, the new owner take over application has not yet been ratified by the FA?

    Agree RR The club website still says the club is owned by the Orchard Community Sports Club if thats no longer true then time for some transparency surely?

  5. 45 minutes ago, Reading Rebel said:

    Depends on what his ambitions are.

    Rhys could stay at Slough possibly in competition with another keeper in the knowledge that if he's not first choice he will go out on a dual reg to another club.

    Ascot have Jamie Ashdown but if they want Rhys as their first choice keeper and he accepts he will be playing at step 4 which is lower than when he started at Met Police.

    Or on the back of his FA Vase win he could get his agent to try to find him another club at step 2 or above.

    Surely the question that needs asking is Why shouldnt he be first choice?

  6. Yes good luck to Rhys and his team He's  been in brilliant form  9 clean sheets in 11 games after leaving us It will be a tough ask Newport Pagnell are the current Vase holders beating Littlehampton 3-0 last season.

  7. 15 minutes ago, Curtis said:

    Could someone please remind me how many goals our top goal scorer scored last season.

    On Francis Amartey, watching him in the last match against Braintree, he made very little effort & looked totally disinterested other than his Batty/Le Saux moment with Matt Lench. I would be very surprised if we see him back with us.

    He is on a list of Aldershots retained contracted players for next season so youre probably correct!

  8. On 10/02/2023 at 14:43, Irishadrian said:

    If you look at the club website right now via  club then contact us The ownership of the club is shown as Orchard Community Sports Ltd Thats what the website is saying  today  Its either correct or it isn't  !

    This is still what the club website is saying  on the contact slough town fc page  about 10 mins ago  !!

  9. Im sure thats correct Glen  only success guarantees  interest and rising crowds (except perhaps alcohol and classA Dulwich)

    Although Dulwich had the highest average they were third in the individual list St Albans achieved 3696 and Dartford 3386

    Our given maximum 1211 pla ed us 20th.

  10. Thanks to the end of season revival in our attendances as we fought to retain our status  our season average was 665 having been mid five hundreds most of the season Relegated Dulwich came top and the other relegated teams Hungerford Cheshunt and Concord occupied the bottom 3 places

  11. 7 hours ago, Reading Rebel said:

    So probably too old to be scouted?

    It was Walton and Hersham's third promotion in a row and look to be a club very much on the up.

    I'd say the chances of extracting Eddie Simon from Walton are slim to none. 


    Apologies it's not the same Scott Harris. 

    Chances of getting Eddie Simon ? NIL  Hes a dentist and they make up their pay cheques dont need more!

  12. 1 hour ago, SloughFlyer said:

    Apologies for returning to a topic from a few pages back, but are Torquay having a laugh!!!!! One place that might be on the list for a weekend away and for my Dad, myself, my elder son who is now 18 and my younger son who is 9, they want £75.00 to watch step 2 football (without a programme, drink at half time or anything else).

    Mental prices and will 1005 make us think before we go to that game for the weekend.

    100% ?

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