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  1. And what has happend to Liam Coleman.I thought he would have been snapped up by another club.?
  2. If L.D. had put George Purcel on 1/2 an hour earlier we would have won.George had the beating of their right back,and in the short time he was on,(5 minutes)he created two great chances. Poor decision making by L.D.?
  3. Large Car Park 'next door'in Norman Park Rec. ground.(Free) 300 mtrs
  4. It could be Nike/Eurostar funding the Stadium in lieu of the advertising from a world famous football club!!
  5. OOP'S,just taken a second look,and of course it's not!!
  6. One thing puzzles me about the new stadium,why is the main stand BEHIND the goal?
  7. What's the news on Danny Slatter,will he be available from the start of the season? With the going of Liam Coleman(who I thought should have been on the retained list)another creative mid-fielder will be needed if Slatters knee does not stand up to the strain.
  8. Phone the club if you hav'nt received them,they are sent out by registered post. Which is Car Park 'D' Is it the one nearest the ground?
  9. Stevenage b. 6/1 Fav. Wrexham 7/1 Ebbsfleet 12/1 Wrexham 7/1 (should be more like 20/1)?
  10. I'm with you there Emily.Those who were at the 2nd leg at Aldershot,would not forget when their forward was through on goal,Sasha came back from behind,and took the ball cleanly,off his toes,and raced off upfield.Superb.The look on the forwards face of disbelief was magical!SASHA for me.
  11. Never have been a fan of Akinde.Poor first touch and control,which if you don't have naturally,you never will,as proved by his lack of goals.
  12. BLUE SQUARE PREMIER - Thursday 1st May 2008 Play-Off Semi Final 1st Leg - Friday 2nd May 2008 Play-Off Semi Final 1st Leg - Monday 5th May 2008 Play-Off Semi Final 2nd Leg - Tuesday 6th May 2008 Play-Off Semi Final 2nd Leg - Sunday 18th May 2008, kick-off TBC Play-Off Final at Wembley Stadium It's going to be a tough week for Torquay,before playing us on the 10th May!
  13. They are forecasting that there will be 1500-2000 coming Tuesday evening. Get there early!
  14. For those who have bought tickets,can you enlighten me-C an you chose which block to sit in (providind of course they are not taken),or is it take what your given.
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