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  1. Agreed, gone but not forgotten.
  2. Agreed, congratulations to all at ETFC, although I would suggest that the Conference is the club's proper place - but that's next season's challenge! Enjoy your summer one and all!
  3. Just heard the sad news and wish to echo the kind words of so many. Ron was a great character and one of the nicest people I've ever met. So many good memories of Ron, that I'm sitting at my desk with a smile. Rest in peace Ron and pass on my regards to Roy! Lee Harding
  4. Just a quick 'thank you' to all at New Lodge for inviting us over for the pre-season friendly. Hopefully a good work out for both sides and we at Cressing Road wish you all the very best for the forthcoming season. Salut!
  5. "Rod's had a bet on us winning the league" Even I lumped on you lot at 25/1. Easy money. Good luck for the season.
  6. Given the current difficult economic climate we too had to let one of our better players go in the summer. Young George Purcell moved up to York, but we couldn't secure the same deal as Chelmsford managed for Holmes. Peterborough's £100,000 does sound like a lot of money doesn't it? Anyway, thank God for the coming end of austerity - although it hasn't quite reached North Essex yet!
  7. If you're of a certain age - no problem!
  8. Hi Rick, No smoke and mirrors from us. I understand that the player did contact our man, but we declined his approach given his current contractual status and our inability to accommodate his fiscal demands within our meagre playing budget. Obviously the lad has talent and pedigree. He will, I'm sure, do well in the future. Any compensation awarded will surely reflect this. Anyway, enough of others 'splashing the cash' - looking forward to welcoming you all Saturday, just £5 and £3 to get in!
  9. "Tribunal - a year's delay - oh, dear!" Not always Peter. In my experience it's all about how pro-active the clubs concerned are. When we've been the club paying a fee, we've not been in a rush to offer terms or to respond to demands. When we've been seeking compensation, we usually give the other club 14 days to agree or respond and then seek The FA's assistance. When we've had to pay compensation it can sometimes take months, but we normally receive our compensation within a few weeks. Needless to say, given the friendship that exists between your two clubs, I'm sure it will all be sorted our quickly and amicably. Also, knowing the Billericay chairman as I do, I'm sure his club will be well looked after.
  10. Hi Gaz, trust you're well. Looking forward to your visit on Saturday. As to Billy, I'm not an expert with these things but, as I understand it, IF he was a contracted player last season and IF your club offered him terms of re-engagement (as good as last season or better) for next season then, even if the player goes elsewhere, your club is entitled to compensation from his new club. Regards to you all.
  11. Desperately sad news - Roy was the sort of man that you hoped would go on for ever. When I look back over my time at the old club, I can't help feeling that his input was instrumental in so much of the club's success in the 70's and 80's. The stands, terraces and pitches are not what makes a club, it is the people and Roy was a corner-stone in our Enfield Football Club. I will never forget him. Behind the scenes, his excellent working relationships with the likes of Ted Hardy and Eddie McCluskey made it so much easier for those great managers to create championship-winning squads. As a football administrator and club official I learnt so much from him, nothing seemed to ruffle the feathers and, even in difficult situations, he always displayed a calm professionalism and love of the club. Over the last 12 years there have been so many times when I've thought to myself: 'now what would Roy do in this situation?' He always knew how to conduct himself properly. His presence, positive attitude and devotion to his club makes Roy, for me, Mr Enfield and in my 35 years involved in the game at this level I've never met a man that came close to being his equal. I don't expect that I ever will. Rest in peace Roy and thanks for everything. Lee Harding
  12. Good player with a great attitude to the game. We (at Braintree) were disappointed when he left us to go to Wimbledon in 2008 and were awarded £3500 at a tribunal. Now free from injury, you've got yourselves a goof 'un there.
  13. From the Braintree Town FC site: Braintree Town Football Club had planned to charge reduced admission charges of £5 for adults and £3 for concessions for this evening's Essex Senior Cup tie. The thinking behind this move was that the reduced admission charges would encourage interest amongst supporters of both sides in this match and competition, especially in light of the current difficult economic situation. However, following a complaint by Canvey Island Football Club to the Essex Football Association, the Essex Football Association contacted Braintree Town Secretary Tom Woodley this morning and have insisted that Braintree Town raise their admission prices to £8 for adults and £5 for concessions for this evening's game. Braintree Town Chairman Lee Harding was disappointed by the decision: "We all know that money's tight for everyone at the moment and we were trying to do our bit to help supporters of both clubs afford the game. It was our view that the reduced admission charge would encourage a better gate for what we regard as a particularly prestigious competition. Canvey Island Football Club have every right to complain and we have no choice but to accept the decision of the Essex Football Association in forcing us to raise the admission prices. All we can do is to apologise to supporters of both clubs for any inconvenience caused."
  14. Good to see you all again at Cressing Road on Saturday. I thought it was a good competitive game and was useful to both managers. Best of luck for the rest of the season. Keith, yep we've had to make a few changes to accommodate the B grading requirements. We're now looking at the A grading which is ridiculously expensive, but there you go ...
  15. Saturday, kick-off: 12 noon - free for all! (The FA Cup's not all its cracked up to be ...)
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