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  1. I think Little Boy Blue may have been somewhat tongue in cheek with his posting (if I've read it correctly)
  2. 2-0 win. 6 points and two clean sheets from the first 3 games is a very good return. Well done lads. Looking forward to Monday
  3. We'll certainly have to do better than last Tuesday, but I've got a good feeling we will pull it off
  4. Obviously we have to get through tomorrow first which won't be easy, but you can't be unhappy with that draw surely?
  5. Agree with this, would have taken a replay before the game for this reason. Wouldn't mind Billericay/St Albans vs Chelmsford coming out of the hat, as a nice little extra motivation, especially seeing as they lost 6-0 at home today
  6. 2-1 the final score. Somewhat profligate in front of goal and should have been a more comfortable margin of victory, but a well deserved win, through to the next round, and cash collected. Well done chaps
  7. Watching on gfctv which is a realy good service. Playing very well and 2-0 up, Poole pen and Benjamin after an excellent save from Lane's effort
  8. ?? My bed comment was aimed at NL, not you.
  9. Can we put this to bed now? Cracking result for you guys yesterday, hope you get a good draw in the next round
  10. Our passing and delivery were awful yesterday. Yes, Salisbury are clearly a better side, but if we had performed to the best of our ability we would have given them a good game on yesterdays showing. I think we had one meaningful shot on goal in the whole game, The killer was when we had our best 'chance' of the second half, where Osborne and Beckles both failed to get shots away, and they went straight up the other end and scored. Let's be honest, most of us expected to lose yesterday, it was just going ahead that gave us a bit of false hope (not for the first time). If we go down (not go
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