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  1. Bill in USA


    Hey Michael, you need a Rams supporter to help you!!!:--- Hi Bill, I read on this forum that a fan wants can't find the Facebook site for the club. Tell him to search Margate FC is Delighted in the Facebook site.....I would do this myself but I've been banned, wonder why
  2. Bill in USA


    nobody reads this forum MIchael - so good luck
  3. Bill in USA

    another interesting comment?

  4. Bill in USA


  5. Bill in USA

    New Ownership of the Club Announced

    taken from somewhere else:--- Interesting thing about SIR Investment is that their nature of business is "Buying and Selling Real Estate
  6. Bill in USA


    I do know that you are 8hrs ahead of Oregon PS: confirmed - this comment says 11.49 when it is 12.49 (Oregon time)
  7. Bill in USA


    err - I put that on 4pm, midnight your time? Actually by my atomic clock it was 4.01
  8. Bill in USA


    Just read that the new owners for Margate FC is a consortium of Arsenal FC to give players in the East Kent area a chance to show their capabilities to aspire to their first team. More details to come later this Saturday.
  9. Bill in USA

    Great Escape on or off ????

    Wow, your forum has finally come alive again! I read that 3 clubs in your league might be in trouble with ground and financial. They could get relegated if things don't improve. So you could get a reprieve (if you can get to at least 3rd bottom, more chance).
  10. Bill in USA

    And from earlier today...Gate stalwart quits

    bit late with that reply Mr Dacorum
  11. Bill in USA

    any comments?

  12. Bill in USA


    God willing. Excluding vacations, I am returning to Thanet after being away what will be 53yrs and five days. Hope to be there mid June 2017. So my reason for posting on this forum? Being a Rams supporter and possibly wearing a Rams cap and possibly leaving in the north Thanet area - would I be mugged??
  13. Bill in USA

    NB's interview

    just curious from a general point of view (for other clubs etc)
  14. Bill in USA

    NB's interview

    Not sure how to hear what NB says about contract/non contract players re payments and clubs that have players on loan.. Who pays for for loanees, and do non-contracts get paid?? Couldn't work out on what NB was saying
  15. Bill in USA

    reminds you of Man U