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  1. Maybe the CCL should be renamed to the GSL, with a record number of teams homeless.Must be a nightmare for the Fixture Secretary,allocating Kick Off times.
  2. Such a shame that this once great site,has come to this,everyone scared of legal action.Has legal action ever been taken? There is an old saying,YOU CANNOT GET BLOOD OUT OF A STONE.My own personal opinion is that Dorking Wanderers Reserves should not be allowed back in to the CCL.
  3. To elect teams into the CCL Div 1,who this season did not exist at any level in the pyramid.They were however a Member 2 seasons ago,but resigned last season.Was a precedent set by South Kilburn who resigned,then reapplied to join,but failed on a vote by Member Clubs.Should Dorking Wanderers be allowed to reapply,just to serve the purpose of a few?
  4. All factual remarks,many taken from the Dorking F.C. twitter feed,love the way they big up the yoof though.
  5. CONGRATULATIONS to Dorking F.C. on Winning the Dorking Charity Cup,with a 1-0 Win over Old Dorkinians. AT LEAST THEY WENT OUT WITH A BANG,9 young local players in the side,the football scene in Dorking is on the up for sure.Well it is if your a Dorking Wanderers Fan.New Ground to call home,Promotion,and no local rivalry.
  6. How ironic would it be if DORKING FC WERE TO WIN !!!! SO MUCH FOR BACKING THE YOUTH THEN FOLDING.Where would the Cup be held? Brockham Badgers by any chance?
  7. Why APOLOGISE ? WE all know that they do not give a Monkeys about their Clubs,by their very limited attendance at League games,over many seasons.
  8. A possible League of 6 Clubs would be great for player development.Will the F.A be putting any money in?
  9. A Ludicrous idea,just another way for the F.A. and Leagues to cream off more money from hard pressed Clubs. Fines,Membership Fees,are all they are interested in.When was the last time you saw a representative from either of the Above.Rest my case.
  10. Another example of how certain people act,when people question the way they have let a Community down.Contact a Solicitor.
  11. Best Wishes John,get well soon.
  12. Good wins for Abbey Rangers.Bedfont Sports,Epsom and Ewell in the F.A Vase.League leaders Hartley Wintney win again against CWU to extend their lead at the Top.after Westfield and Knaphill draw 2-2.Cove suffer a 5-2 loss against Dorklng. ,
  13. Will AC LONDON have a full compliment of Officials this week? Eversley have a decent ground,decent food,decent bar,as Jeff said cadge a lift,or drive,miles from public transport.They are a very hospitable and welcoming Club.
  14. Jelly,Hartley were away,so had no control over the price of the Beer at Sutton Uniteds ground. Which Sutton Common Rovers share,so they are blameless also.
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