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  1. Such a shame that this once great site,has come to this,everyone scared of legal action.Has legal action ever been taken? There is an old saying,YOU CANNOT GET BLOOD OUT OF A STONE.My own personal opinion is that Dorking Wanderers Reserves should not be allowed back in to the CCL.

  2. To elect teams into the CCL Div 1,who this season did not exist at any level in the pyramid.They were however a Member 2 seasons ago,but resigned last season.Was a precedent set by South Kilburn who resigned,then reapplied to join,but failed on a vote by Member Clubs.Should Dorking Wanderers be allowed to reapply,just to serve the purpose of a few?

  3. CONGRATULATIONS to Dorking F.C. on Winning the Dorking Charity Cup,with a 1-0 Win over Old Dorkinians.


    AT LEAST THEY WENT OUT WITH A BANG,9 young local players in the side,the football scene in Dorking is on the up for sure.Well it is if your a Dorking Wanderers Fan.New Ground to call home,Promotion,and no local rivalry.

  4. This is something that is being looked at over the next few weeks. Having originally revamped the website it was then transfered to a Pitchero site which probably hasn't gone as well as expected.  Appologies to the league officials if this sounds out of turn.


    Once the issues have been addressed and the appropriate support gained from league officals / members I am sure that there will be a noticeable increase in exposure for league and member club events.

    Why APOLOGISE ? WE all know that they do not give a Monkeys about their Clubs,by their very limited attendance at League games,over many seasons.

  5. A Ludicrous idea,just another way for the F.A. and Leagues to cream off more money from hard pressed Clubs.


    Fines,Membership Fees,are all they are interested in.When was the last time you saw a representative from either of the Above.Rest my case.

  6. It is a requirement for all Clubs to hold an Annual General Meeting,so that Accounts and finances can be seen by all Members.This meeting also allows a Club to elect a Chairman,Treasurer,Secretary and other Board Members,How many Members are required?Does the AGM have to be Advertised?

  7. OMG,Dream on Mr.Choudray,you need a decent fanbase to climb up the football pyramid,AFC Wimbledon had that, you do not.You have an Assistant Manager that has all the wrong attributes in modern day football,he has RESPECT for no one.Which in fact he relays to your players in their attitude towards Officials.

  8. That no one on this once great Forum have taken the time to give one of our ex Members MERSTHAM F.C.a mention in making the 1st round proper of the F.A Cup,where they will face Oxford Utd at home.


    CONGRATULATIONS to HAYDEN BIRD and MICK SULLIVAN and all concerned at Merstham FC on a wonderful achievement.



  9. Manors,the lack of the missing 2 Officials caused the problem.No one in Officialdom to control the benches,no one to check substitutions.The Referee had no assistance at all from the Club Linesman,whether that was by his choice who knows.The Referee was HOME ALONE,and he should of called the game off,before he started.

  10. Had a rare visit out to watch a game between AC London v Cobham yesterday,but the League has certainly gone down hill this season.The game only had 1 official turn up,so 1 member from each Club had to run  the line for the game to go ahead.Now knowing that the CCL League charge their Clubs a membership fee,for being able to play at Step 6 Level,and all the Committee Members do it voluntary,it beggars the question where does that money go.AC London and Cobham should be given an apology for ruining their afternoon,at the minimum.The good news was there was no one to take gate money.The bad news no team sheet available,no tannnoy used,was more like Sunday morning up the Purley Way.The ref had a reasonable game in the circumstances,but alas never gave 2 stone wall penalties,1 to each side,WHICH did not help the abuse as such from both benches and the players combined.Still suppose the CCL will fine AC London for the missing officials to add to the over £400 they have already donated in fines,what they need to do is get out and watch their Member Clubs and see what is going on in the real world.Oh by the way AC London are no Guernsey,only 5 fans went to watch this game and I was one of them.

  11. I complained about the price of beer at HW last year and that I was charged full rate of entry for me and my family despite not getting there until into the second half as I had been attending another match in the league. Hartley need to start thinking about this a bit, obviously it is not just me that found it a bit steep !!!!


    Jelly,Hartley were away,so had no control over the price of the Beer at Sutton Uniteds ground. Which Sutton Common Rovers share,so they are blameless also.

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