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  1. Duncs,always nice to meet you.Maybe you will make the edited highlights this week lol,so dont forget your comb.
  2. Tel,its only over the past few weeks that the Official site had anything worth reading,after years of canvassing by yours truly,they finally moved into the 21st Century. SKA Night at the Lammas Oct 3rd should be a cracking night. But the stand out for me has to be-----UKFFC V SUTTON COMMON ROVERS In the Vase, will cuddly Ken be allowed entry,or will a banning order be imposed?
  3. 'Combined Counties pitchero' gets you the link through Google,even a know nothing Internet user like me found the article,not a bad read either
  4. Lazurus one question why did you not put a link to the Official Combined Counties League Website on the above post.Many guests to this forum would not have a clue,what CCL stood for,in fact even a die hard avid CCL supporter like myself, typed in CCL on Google and got a choice of Reg Miles's site,or back to this very forum.We are here to promote the whole of the different options to publicise the CCL as we know it surely.Chris Clapham and E.E.Rich both post links to their websites why did you not? As for the F.A Cup tomorrow,I personally hope that many Committee Members of the CCL are out in force to give their personal support(in person)after the dismal showing of 1 at Sutton United's ground,on Sutton Common Rovers inaugral fixture.
  5. Once bitten twice shy comes to mind Hartley Row,that was an experience I shall never forget.Thanks for the offer of a lift,alas it will not be needed on this occasion. I will be personally chaffeur driven by a very good friend of mine,I do have some friends,which may amaze many on this Forum. However a Nice pint would go down a treat,as you would be saving your fuel money.Be nice to catch up with the two Lukes,and my other friends at Hartley Wintney.
  6. Best of luck to all the CCL Clubs this Saturday,do us proud. Personally will be going to Hartley Wintney v Fleet Town all being well.
  7. Spoilt for choice round Bedfont Way,3 teams within 100 yards of each other,which would mean fixture clashes every week,competing for similar Fans,however no Club seems keen on changing their playing days.WHY? Nice to see Alex Wines back in CCL action though at CB Hounslow,top young keeper,and a thoroughly Nice Young Man.
  8. Also at the Epsom Athletic v Ash game,along with 19 other spectators.Ash looked by far the worst team I think I have seen in Div 1,since watching the CCL.Devoid of fitness and Pace all over the park in the 2nd half.The Epsom bench were very vociferous to say the least,but much of this was directed at the Officials,who in my opinion worked well as a team,ably led by Nick Clark. Decent burger and pint as well.
  9. Seems to me that some Clubs in the CCL are happy with the way things are going for them,albeit a downward spiral in my book. They obviously have a 6 year plan in place,but losing is an easy habit to get into,who would of thought 3 years ago that Clubs like Ash,Cobham,Dorking,Frimley Green,Sandhurst,would be plying their trade in Div 1 where results do not matter it seems.The future could be bleak if they do not change tack quickly.
  10. Newby I have lost the buzz to be fair,hence my lack of posts.Health wise fine,thanks for asking.
  11. Welcome back Adam King/Mayor of Simpleton from your self imposed exile.A true UKFFC Stalwart,you certaintly know how to big players up,the clue was in the name dropping (Chelsea,Southend,Thamesmead Town,now Cobham) and only a young player. Looks as though the player is on a downward spiral,keep up the excellent Media Hype though,it is a trademark of yours and UKFFF.C.
  12. Some Leopards never change their spots comes to mind,has UKFFC written all over it,Cobham won the sportsman award last year I beleive,even after the disgraceful way they took over the Club.This award was offered to them by the CCL Committee,that says it all. Sutton Common Rovers initial opening game at Sutton Utd,only had Mr Murrell in attendance,thats how much they watch games to get any idea what goes on in their League. On a side note,is there any Club that would charge an ex Chairman an ENTRY FEE in the CCL?
  13. Look on the brightside Chris,1st time you have topped the table in your 128 year history.Well for 1 day at least.
  14. Just facts Nosher,forgot to mention Luke Harmsworth another local lad to the manor. Bottom to 4th bottom is certainly improvement by Dorking,over 2 seasons? Glynn definitely posts a promising article to the press boys,Slow progression is certainly better than no progression,I Suppose.
  15. How Glynn Stephens has kept his job marvels me.Martin Smith is a good signing but will he last out the season? Previous seasons records show he will not.Lets be honest youth reliance did not work,so lets head Croydon way for our new signings,it worked in the past i.e Page,Leacock,Bennett,hardly Dorking born and bred though!!!!!!!!!!
  16. The fixtures will be on the CCL Official Site/F.A. Site some day soon, for us the unwashed,so that we can plan where to spend our money.Ryman League were out a week ago,Ashford HOME GAME first game anyone? LAST LEAGUE TO POST FIXTURES,A DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!!!! And NO this is not a late night rant.
  17. Thought about it a bit more,the '3 Amigo's Stadium' there all friends after all.
  18. Have they reached agreement yet about the name of the new ground ? Suggest the 'Meadowbank Community Stadium' that has all sides on board
  19. Has a club that groundshares bar Mole Valley ever got promoted?
  20. Groundsharing at Step 6 is a nightmare waiting to happen,many have tried over the short time that I have been following CCL1. Bookham,Warlingham,Croydon Municipal,Staines Lammas,Farleigh Rovers all tried but failed.Mole Valley are the only Club i know who have made it work,but at what cost? The only winners are the Clubs that get the revenue from the groundshare,plus the bar receipts of course.
  21. The F.A.really make me laugh,rather lowering the standard of unecessary ground improvements to reach step 6,they bring this in. The only beneficiaries will be the Clubs who groundshare,So if you finish 8th you can get promoted just to keep their coffers up.
  22. Why should Dorking Wanderers take on a 25yr lease,the youth sides using the facility will not be asked to take on a lease,just pay the fees set by whoever.Why should Dorking Wanderers not be allowed to do the same?
  23. So you played Professional Pool then or did you stay Amateur?
  24. Why are Dorking FC so anti Dorking Wanderers as regards a Groundshare.Yet so biased to Youth Football,could it be the Brockham Badgers connection within their Committee.The Dorking twitter feed gives great coverage to Brockham Badgers,but little about Dorking FC's plans for season 15/16,when is the closing date for the £500,000 grant?
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