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  1. Teams mainly seem to want to avoid promotion,due to the lucrative money they can make from a Vase run.Maybe a better way would be to bar them from entering the Vase if they turn down promotion to Step 4.
  2. Apologies Rich,I MUST REMEMBER to follow the GOSPEL OF RICH,or else my posts are stupid.Dont think they ever visited Epsom though,Banstead maybe.
  3. Rich life is full of ifs and maybes,Phil Page will be a good addition for Dorking Wanderers in their quest for further promotion.Who are we to question his motives.He will probably be paid fairly for what he adds to the Team, I wish him all the best.
  4. Rich,so if Epsom and Ewell were offered promotion to Step 4 in the Southern South West League next year,they would jump at the chance,no matter what,your not far from Redhill? It could happen?
  5. Of laughter no doubt.There are some shrewd cookies out there for sure.
  6. Karen we do not have a Moderator,we are a nice bunch on here,although a bit boring.
  7. A good article it was too,how time flies.
  8. Cheers Jeff for the reply,so Dorking FC will have to rely on gate money to fund themselves?
  9. Was anything discussed at the MVDC Meeting regarding what granting a 25 year lease would cost Dorking FC. What would they get as regards facilities,would they run the Bar,or would this be done by outside Contractors.Nice to see 1000's of Children/Youths using the facility,would they get a discount on the hourly rate,because many presently use Free facilities ie Parks to train on saturday mornings,which are free at source.What input will Surrey FA have as regards the running of the facility,Security,Hiring,Cleaning,Maintenance?.Will Dorking F.C.aim to run more than the 2 sides that they run under their banner,as currently they do not run any U6-U17 sides.
  10. Never thought I would ever say this,but the CCL Official Website has some very interesting articles,in its news section,well worth a read.Why not pay it a visit,rather than reading the Boring posts on here.
  11. Lazurus would be most put out if you did,just think no League News,Fixtures etc.
  12. Dave how do you know that Dorking Wanderers Reserves will not be involved at the top half of the table? Any views on South Park Reserves.Reserve teams from Ryman League clubs over the years I have been watching the CCL are more than a match for most CCL 1 clubs in Cup games.
  13. Thanks lads,for your positive words,so heartwarming. I wish you both well at Ashford Town and Dorking and await your not so boring posts as mine,in anticipation.
  14. Rich,so you have to be Officially involved with a CCL Club to comment on this Forum ?
  15. Nice to see Ken Reed back in Football,also Scotty 'Dog' Robson doing the u/18's
  16. Thats the key,if they have the Ground Grading,under these current situations,you will never see 3 Clubs ever promoted from Division 1 again.Dorking could languish at Step 6 for years.
  17. So the CCL broke rule 13.4v)which demoted Ash,SHAME ON THEM.It seems to me that the CCL Committee do not get challenged on anything by Clubs.Remember people moaning last year that they each had to have a Saturday off, due to the League running with 21 clubs broken rule,lost revenue etc,did the CCL Compensate Clubs for this?Rich you talk from a relatively safe position with Epsom and Ewell,however if you where at Bedfont and Feltham,Frimley Green,Eversley,CB Hounslow,would you be singing from the same hymn sheet,of course not.
  18. 1.Worcester Park 2.Farleigh Rovers 3.Staines Lammas 4.Dorking Wanderers Res. 5.Sheerwater 6.South Park Res 6 POSSIBLE BLOCKERS in any order will stop any other DIV 1 Club promotion.The current Premier Clubs must be rubbing their hands in glee.
  19. So ASH should of called for an E.G.M.last season.
  20. Dan it is all about MONEY,you could now finish 7th in the CCL DIV 1,3 PTS behind the Top side and not get promoted.LUDICROUS.
  21. Crikey it is going to be even harder to get Out of Div 1 now,still at least the League will get extra £'s in their coffers.
  22. I bet Lammas wished they had known the moving of the goalposts by the F.A. for lights to 2018 last year,would of saved them a few grand in groundsharing.So just a bit of hardstanding,rails,an odd loo or too with wash basins will suffice for 2 more seasons minimum,the shame is they could of done this work last year.
  23. 4 at present,Farleigh Rovers,Sheerwater,Staines Lammas,Worcester Park.
  24. Did not think that there were any Youth/Childrens teams that played regularly on Saturdays in a League format. Muddy pitches did make me laugh,are the Dorking Footballers only playing home games,so they avoid Muddy away pitches that most Non League Clubs have,at some point in the season.
  25. So now the boot is on the other foot,how do you think Perry Gough feels about your earlier comments,OVER THE MOON? Johnno, Club Management should be taken seriously surely, not treated as a hobby,else you fail even I know that.Still at least you learn from your mistakes. Andy,was your post not a dig at Perry Gough,but that was okay?
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