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    Smudge reacted to nosher in Youth secretary Vacancy   
    Congrats on the goalie coach. But if a coo that.
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    Smudge got a reaction from Rob Healy in Will a Vote be needed?   
    To elect teams into the CCL Div 1,who this season did not exist at any level in the pyramid.They were however a Member 2 seasons ago,but resigned last season.Was a precedent set by South Kilburn who resigned,then reapplied to join,but failed on a vote by Member Clubs.Should Dorking Wanderers be allowed to reapply,just to serve the purpose of a few?
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    Smudge reacted to Rugg1 in U23/21 CCL League   
    I dont usually post on things on here, but this is a topic I have never agreed with. I find it a league for the sake of it which makes zero sense to me. The model used to be under 18s for youth team football, then reserve team football to step in to/progress into mens football and build for first team football. Why do you need an under 21/23 league? what do players or clubs gain? The only way I see sense, is if clubs have too many young players that arent good enough to get in a clubs reserve team and are too old for under 18s football. It would mean more money coming out of clubs to pay to put the games on. Thats my views on it, I dont see any logic for it. A player will gain more out of moving into reserve team football than they will under 21/23, for me your just holding a player back from getting the experience of playing with a mixture of ages like you do get in first team football. My 50ps worth.
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    Smudge got a reaction from TRS in when its quiet, Dorking to the rescue!   
    Another example of how certain people act,when people question the way they have let a Community down.Contact a Solicitor.
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    Smudge reacted to TRS in when its quiet, Dorking to the rescue!   
    Did you run this thread past the club solicitor before you resurrected it TSF? Just to be on the safe side.
    Good luck to you if you want to remain involved in 'Dorking Football' going forward, personally i'd tell 'em where to stick it.
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    Smudge reacted to Tel in The Recent FA Enquiry!   
    Chris, I hope you have slept on your decision, clubs can't afford to loose good people like you.  
    Step 5 need you and the likes of
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    Smudge got a reaction from Bronco in AC London Article   
    OMG,Dream on Mr.Choudray,you need a decent fanbase to climb up the football pyramid,AFC Wimbledon had that, you do not.You have an Assistant Manager that has all the wrong attributes in modern day football,he has RESPECT for no one.Which in fact he relays to your players in their attitude towards Officials.
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    Smudge got a reaction from Krooner in AMAZED .   
    That no one on this once great Forum have taken the time to give one of our ex Members MERSTHAM F.C.a mention in making the 1st round proper of the F.A Cup,where they will face Oxford Utd at home.
    CONGRATULATIONS to HAYDEN BIRD and MICK SULLIVAN and all concerned at Merstham FC on a wonderful achievement.
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    Smudge got a reaction from Daniel Bishop in AMAZED .   
    That no one on this once great Forum have taken the time to give one of our ex Members MERSTHAM F.C.a mention in making the 1st round proper of the F.A Cup,where they will face Oxford Utd at home.
    CONGRATULATIONS to HAYDEN BIRD and MICK SULLIVAN and all concerned at Merstham FC on a wonderful achievement.
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    Smudge got a reaction from Daniel Bishop in 6th-9th September Midweek Thread   
    Passion is the key to any Club Gareth,and you have that in abundance.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.. 
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    Smudge reacted to aupostie in 6th-9th September Midweek Thread   
    Yep i agree it was a good performance in the end against a physical side. We did ride our luck but by the end we was in control & always looked like we was going to be the winners
    I also want to give credit where credit due as after last weeks low & rant, players & managerment seemed to have taken on board & addressed the situation which can only be a plus for the side. I've been involved with ccl football to know you have bad times & good but last week was as low as you can get & supporting a side for 30yrs+ i just couldn't let them think it was acceptable. So all credit to everyone involved as its those people who have turned it around in a week not just to bring pride to themselves but as a club which this is all about...THE CLUB....as the club will hopefully be there when im gone
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    Smudge reacted to lazarus in Next season's FA Cup starts on...   
    I don't believe we require permission to start on any particular date, although the FA do tell us the date by which we have to finish.
    I have now had views from many of our clubs and, having raised the matter with other Step 5/6 League Secretaries, I have been gathering their views as well.  With one possible exception, most of the other leagues who have responded are as aggrieved as most of us, especially as there was no consultation whatsoever at our level and also because of the very late notice.  Clubs and leagues could at least have prepared had the situation been known earlier.
    For your information, David Morrall, who is the Chairman of the NE Counties League and also the Chairman of the Step 5/6 Focus Group has asked all the Step 5/6 Leagues to give him their views, which will border on the unanimous I would think and he will take the matter up with relevant people at the FA in a  bid to get matters changed for future seasons.
    The most popular option, and we are keen to help clubs as much as possible, is that we stick to Sat 13 August as the first full opening day for league matches but with the proviso that for any clubs who wish to get a league match in before the FA Cup, we will try to provide one w/c 1 August and maybe w/c 8 August.
    We will make a final decision at a Board meeting on 13 June and advise club secretaries the next day.  We shall not though be asking clubs to play on the last Saturday in July
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    Smudge reacted to E&E Rich in Next season's FA Cup starts on...   
    Sorry Jeff but that's a stupid statement. If you feel that way, why enter in the first place?
    Look at the financial rewards that Hartley Wintney made from their recent Cup runs and almost certainly Hanworth Villa a couple of years back too. It's far more important than a league match. Ask Camberley who got beat 5-0 at home to Horley on opening day. You could argue that they missed out on promotion by three points but they had all season to retrieve those points and indeed, did so before losing at the end. With the Cup there is rarely a second chance.
    It is the biggest match the clubs are likely to have all season and regardless of whether teams are "ready" for the first week in August, you never really know how good you are until you have played a couple of matches at least. It's why Alan does such a good job in getting the fixtures in before the Cup starts, something I'm sure that EVERY club is grateful for.
    In fact, this is the most annoying and telling factor here. It's that the FA didn't even consult with the Step Five Leagues. They didn't even give them a clue that it would be moved forward a fortnight from last season. If they had, maybe it would have been a little easier to prepare and we may well have had an earlier start to the league season, but many friendlies have already been arranged and it is the fact that the FA didn't even consider the knock on effect that tells you how little these bodies actually care about grass roots football.
    They sit there banging on about how great they are and what good work they are doing in diversity, youth, ladies football and equality but that's because it looks good for them to do so. It boosts their politically correct CVs and makes them look caring and inclusive. In the grand scheme of things, they don't care about Step Five or Six. We don't bring in enough money for them and are little more than pub sides to them. This proves it.
    Is there scope for starting the league on Tuesday 2nd August? Just a thought. It doesn't have to be a Saturday. It also means one less midweek trip / postponement in December.
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    Smudge reacted to E&E Rich in Saturday 16th April Match Thread   
    Better late than never, here is the link to our match report.
    Has to be said I thought our late chance was a clear penalty at the time I wrote the report, but haven't seen the highlights yet, which may show a different view. It was a frustrating day because I felt we played really well and was about to fill my match report with superlatives about how we had taken a massive step forward as a club and dealt with a good side and all they could throw at us. Unfortunately I had to rewrite some of that
    The only thing keeping me sane right now is that going into the match, I felt that we were just too far away from Camberley in the table even if we were able to win. We needed to win against both them and Ashford, while Camberley needed to drop further points in two games and Ashford also needed to drop points elsewhere. The odds were against us, you might say and it was arguably a bigger game for Camberley, as one loss would make Ashford the favourites. Maybe they didn't play as well for that very reason, I don't know.
    Of course, Ashford very nearly did drop points at Windsor and it did look exciting at half time as we would have been in second place at that point. It looks like we will finish seven or eight points short of both clubs and we have to sit down at the end of the season and analyse why we were just short. Nine sending offs didn't help us though and I look at the draconian 84 day ban handed out to Daryl Cooper-Smith just for patting an Assistant on the shoulder at Bedfont Sports and think that if he had played all season, then maybe we would have been chasing Hartley Wintney for the title instead of thinking about second, but it's all ifs and buts at this stage.   
    Of all the other teams out there I like the Camberley guys. They have had a lot of crap to deal with over the last thirty years and we empathise with that, with neither team troubling the danger end of the table for much of that spell. If they go up, and I think they will, then I'm sure they'll be fine up there, especially as it looks like being the Southern League Central rather than the South and West that they would go into. Just as well with Hereford, Salisbury in there with Bideford and Paulton dropping in from the Premier Division. A tough ask.
    There is still hope for Ashford of course and they will be relieved after using their own get out of jail free card on Saturday themselves. Pity they don't still have to play each other, but of course they visit us while Camberley visit Hartley who will be Champions by then. A good time to play them? Maybe, but local derbies are harder to call so you never know. 
    Either way it's been a great season for the CCL.
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    Smudge reacted to Krooner in Midweek 5th-8th April Match Thread   
    Ref better tonight I guess
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    Smudge reacted to Krooner in Midweek 22nd-25th Match Thread   
    Feel free to look back on the game Jonno.  You slated us for putting the ball in the box when 99% of clubs would have done the same.
    So 1 title in 17 years.  Was that the day of Mitchell and Joyce at Ash ?  Remember it well if it were.  2 big strong lads who Ash hit early because it would stick and they would play off them in the final 3rd
    some games I enjoy others I do not.  Probably the same as most fans.  I actually want to see action in the penalty area and Camberley give me that.  the fact is you are incorrect re our style of play as we do play direct however they are balls played into people for others to play off them.  Hang on did I mention that style above
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    Smudge got a reaction from TRS in Matches Tuesday 9th February   
    A cracking video Trevor,and a cracking game for all to view.Reminds me of years gone by,when football was played whatever the condition of the pitch.The heavy pitch down the middle,made the game for me,sliding tackles,mistimed challenges,it had it all.However could you I wonder have bounced a ball on certain parts of it? The Ref was the highlight though as the villain in many peoples eyes,but he was the main reason,everyone who attended had a cracking nights entertainment,well done Ref,no stick from me.
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    Smudge got a reaction from duncs in Sat 5th Dec Match Thread   
    Mmmmm be sure of your facts before posting,an apology to Duncs would be in order me thinks.
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    Smudge got a reaction from duncs in Cove FC   
    Cove are steadily improving under Duncs reign,lost 6-0,3-1,1-0,oh for a couple of decent strikers.Victory could be just round the corner.
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    Smudge reacted to Weeble in Saturday 23rd January Match Thread   
    I blame it on global warming not the refs ( let's see what that stirs up)
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    Smudge reacted to Krooner in Saturday 9th January Match Thread   
    Frimley Greens game yesterday has slipped under the radar.  The Rec has always been a dreadful place when it has rained with it running of the hill so there must have been some serious effort put in yesterday to get their game on.  Credit to all at Frimley Green for that.
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    Smudge reacted to Krooner in Saturday 9th January Match Thread   
    Missed their manager getting sent off.  I got out safely as I know you will all have worried.
    Got there nice and early and the fans were already at it with flags and drums.  All good stuff.  Teams came out and flares went off and lots of ribbon thrown on.  All good fun.
    Camberley took an early lead and within the first 10 minutes it was clear they didn't mind a tackle.  They also didn't mind what they got.  Within 20 minutes their captain, who was dreadful, should already been sent off for 2 dreadfully late challenges.  He managed another one before half time as well !  Anyway as the half wore on FC Romania came much more into and were a real threat going forward and it is probably fair to say it was no surprise when they equalised right on half time with a lovely move and finish.  Half time 1-1 and about 3-0 in cards !
    2nd half we started off well again and took the lead in the 2nd minute.  The home skipper decided to smash the ball at one of our players which missed.  Fortunately for him the ref didn't notice.  In the end though his luck run out when 10 minutes later he was fouled and aimed a kick at our player.  It took the ref around 3 minutes to finally send him off, I think it may have been the 4th official that finally convinced him it was time for the bloke to go.  I also believe he also spat at one of our players.  A couple of minutes later a really awful challenge saw a 2nd red.
    To be honest they never really threatened to equalise.  A couple of balls across the box and if we had been a bit more clinical we could have made it a bit more comfortable for ourselves.  In the 11th minute of stoppage time another player could easily have been sent off when he went straight through the back of one of ours and had a kick at him on the ground.  The ref sufficed with a yellow and blew the whistle literally the second we touched the ball for the free kick. 
    It didn't end there either and I would suspect a report will be landing on the desk of the FA from the ref on Monday !
    People say the CCL is not a good step 5 league.  Well on the evidence I would suggest they are wrong !  We(as in CCL sides) have taken out the top teams in the Sussex and the Essex league and fingers crossed Knaphill will do the same to the Hellenic !
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    Smudge reacted to Krooner in Saturday 2nd January Match Thread   
    3-0 win for Camberley in difficult conditions.  Well done on all concerned for getting the game played and the same goes for Ashford too !!
    Mind you the pitch looks in a right state !!
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    Smudge got a reaction from Daniel Bishop in Saturday 2nd January Match Thread   
    Ashford 6 v 4 Knaphill
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    Smudge reacted to Tel in Saturday 2nd January Match Thread   
    it seems the attendance was 220, excellent for a very wet day. I'm told the pitch stood up well. Congratulations to the grounds men again.
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