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  1. Hi, With it being non league day Saturday, I thought we would advertise our game Saturday. Sheerwater v Cobham 3PM @ Woking FC Admission: £5 Concessions: £3 Woking FC Season Ticket Holders: £3 Under 16s: FREE We will be supporting the non leagues official partners with a bucket collection for 'prostate cancer UK' during the match. We appreciate all the support. Thank you.
  2. The club is moving into ground sharing with Woking FC this season, for 2 seasons before we get our new ground. These are exciting times for the club, and would be a good chance for someone to take the reserve job on at this time. The reserves are also getting new facilities and will be moving into the new ground in 2 years. There is an opportunity for someone to move them forward going into the new ground, to work alongside the first team. This vacancy is still open, as we want to hire the right candidate. Please do DM myself or contact Trevor Wenden – Email - trevor.wenden2@ntlworld.com Phone - 07791 612008 Thanks, Pete Ruggles
  3. Hi, Sheerwater FC require a new reserve team managment for the new season ahead. If you are interested please can you get in touch with Trevor Wenden. Email - trevor.wenden2@ntlworld.com Phone - 07791 612008 Regards, Pete Ruggles
  4. Sorry to keep on, but this Saturday sees the last ever match to be played at Sheerwaters home of the Recreation Ground. We will be hosting Cove FC for a 3pm kick off, If you wish to make the journey for the last ever visit at Sheerwater then come down, the bar will be open from 12.
  5. Sheerwater v Farleigh at Woking FC is ON, its passed the pitch inspection. 7:45 kick off, see you there.
  6. A little reminder that tonight we will play Farleigh at Woking FC in the CCL Div1. 7:45pm KO. There will be a pitch inspection at around 2/3pm today. Sheerwaters twitter account will have an update on that later. If the game gets called off the aim is for it to be played tomorrow. So if you have nothing else on tonight then come down.
  7. As Farleigh have a pretty big fixture pile up, we cant seem to fit in playing Farleigh at Sheerwater between now and the end of the season and of course we have no floodlights. So we have managed to get a 'home' match at Woking FC to be able to play Falriegh under the lights. As Woking will be our temporary home for the next 2 seasons, we thought we would ask if they would allow us to play a 'home' match there this season due to the above reasons, which they have allowed us to do. Its been confirmed by the league and everyone involved, that this match will now be played in the below details: @ Woking FC Monday 30th April Sheerwater v Farleigh 7:45pm CCL div 1 So if youre at a loss Monday 30th April, come down and have a look.
  8. From a ground a hopper - Re: [HertsHopper] Saturday 13th January 2018 [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately SHEERWATER 5 Farleigh Rovers 2 Combined Counties League, Division One Challenge Cup - Second Round Att : c30 Sheerwater Recreation Ground, Blackmore Crescent, Sheerwater, Woking Admission : £1.00 (concession). Programme : £1.00. Coffee : £1.00 A friendly welcome by legendary clubman Trevor Wenden and an upbeat response to recent concerns about compulsory relegation due to shortfalls in ground facilities. A meeting is scheduled next week with the local council in an attempt to make some progress on the problems. I hope it goes well. This game kicked off at 1:30pm - which indicates one of the key issues here - and I didn't even ask if extra time & penalties applied as I thought it might be tempting fate! It was quite chilly and some of the ballkids looked frozen! They were well-drilled though and did an excellent job. To begin with, it seemed as if Farleigh were determined I should have extra shivering time as they came from behind twice before Sheerwater finally found their shooting boots. The first half was notable only for the splendid swooping of one of those ever-present Red Kites as the players struggled to find any rhythm and most attempts on goal were scuffed, misdirected or just plain feeble! However, somehow the pattern was broken and Shane Cheeseman gave the home side the lead when the keeper failed to hold onto his 14th. minute effort after he'd given the final defender the slip. Farleigh replied after 27 minutes with a close range volley from a lofted ball into the area before Shane Rideout scored the first of his three goals when he turned quickly & shot home with the keeper out of position. This was in first half stoppage time and there was soon a general movement towards the warmth of the clubroom where hot drinks were most welcome. Far too soon, it seemed, it was back to the chilly winds outside for what turned out to be a much better second period. A 62nd. minute shot from distance brought the scores level again, but then Sheerwater responded to the need for more urgency and banged in three more in five minutes to make the tie safe. Another game was continuing on the outer pitch as I left, but I decided not to stay & watch! Added the JDW's in Farnborough & Aldershot. Most interesting beer was in the latter : Crafty Brewing Company's Loxhill Biscuit (3.8%) which had plenty of flavour and was the first time I'd come across anything from this brewery (This post was edited by Trevor P on Jan 14, 2018, 7:51 AM) http://www.nonleaguematters.co.uk/forum/gforum.cgi?do=post_view_flat;post=848873;page=2;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;mh=25;guest=229053875
  9. Sheerwater FC are on the look for a new first team goal keeper this season. If you are interested we are currently training at the club every tuesday and thursday from 7.15pm. Please contact myself if you are interested or just come down to training. Pete Ruggles 07717 575730 Sheerwater first team manager
  10. I dont usually post on things on here, but this is a topic I have never agreed with. I find it a league for the sake of it which makes zero sense to me. The model used to be under 18s for youth team football, then reserve team football to step in to/progress into mens football and build for first team football. Why do you need an under 21/23 league? what do players or clubs gain? The only way I see sense, is if clubs have too many young players that arent good enough to get in a clubs reserve team and are too old for under 18s football. It would mean more money coming out of clubs to pay to put the games on. Thats my views on it, I dont see any logic for it. A player will gain more out of moving into reserve team football than they will under 21/23, for me your just holding a player back from getting the experience of playing with a mixture of ages like you do get in first team football. My 50ps worth.
  11. Ash v Sheerwater is ON got through an early inspection. 3pm ko.
  12. CobhamChris you sound like more than just an ex player you seem to know the ins and outs. Let me just say my point on all this. Please don't think myself or my players (the ones that used to play for Cobham) have a chip on our shoulder just because we got pushed aside when the takeover happened. Myself and some of my players where at Cobham 8 years ago fighting it out to keep Cobham alive in the prem for 2 years until we finally slipped to relegation in the 2nd year. The place back then had life to it and a good feeling within the club, it was a unit in terms of players and regular people coming to watch us scrap for points each week (not to say that this is not now under this new chapter for Cobham) Some of my players now and ex players back then ended up with a soft spot for that club in the years we where there. Many of us stayed in touch through out the years. It's football we ended up feeling a passion for the club, we got asked by Ken last season to help come back and help it out which we we're more than happy to. Then after 3 games the takeover happened. Some players weren't happy with what they sore happening to the club and nor where some of the new faces we bought in with our 2nd stint at the club. I can't help the fact that my players had a passion and feeling for a club where they had a roller coaster of a ride trying to help a club avoid the drop for 2 years all them years ago. then to get the opportunity many years on to have the chance to play for them again only for it to be short lived. I'm not going into any details but my players have an opinion on the topic and they chose to dislike what's happening to some of what they used to think was a club they had feelings for, that's up to them, that's football a game of opinions, we used there feelings of what they think of the club now to go out and beat Cobham Saturday and that's exactly what they done. As for 'Great Touch' it's just a harmless bit of fun for them and there followers, there not out to please football clubs and be all nice nice that would be boring. they are there to entertain whoever follows them, have a laugh, try to get more followers, have fun, there free to post what they like in good nature, it's no more than to what you would find on soccer am! Nothing bad has been said between the clubs and like you said the game was played in good nature. It's obvious the video doesn't cover yourselves in glory but it's not just because your Cobham, if this had of happened to any other club the same type of public reaction to it will be exactly the same. Some of our players (including myself) where extra determined to win because of what they believe in. Simple as that. Doesn't really matter what there opinion is, whether it's right or wrong because it's each to their own. Not all opinions are the same. That's football, without the passion it would be boring, myself and mark have got a very passionate group of players which was there to see Saturday. And as for that video it shows no respect whatsoever for Sheerwater FC or my players so you can understand why there opinions have not changed after Saturday. I'm now done on this matter. I will end on a note of that Cobham is looking a lot better shape this season as in the paintwork and road leading into the club etc. good luck for the rest of the season.
  13. 1st win of the season for the sheers ! 2-0 win against Cobham. Absolutley buzzing with the result and performance so are the players for more other reasons than just the 3 points. Good performance. Goals from Shane rideout and Ross white.
  14. haha yeh he has been in training with me, lifting those pint glasses. Still trying to train him on putting his hand in his wallet and buying a drink tho
  15. Already seen the weak link from that list 'loop' play on his pace haha
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