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  1. Totally Agree with Tel. Having been a supporter of Egham for Years. Must Say i enjoyed our time in the CoCo so much. Guernsey Away Who would of thought your team would have to fly to an Away game. The Season we won the league was Brilliant. I for one hope someday to go back into it. And by the Way Players and Managers come and go But hopefully your club will always be there Whatever league you are in
  2. Great Result at least someone beat the Welsh Yesterday
  3. This Word Mong that you use I'm Finding very offending. Please can you not use it on here as i know a Down Syndrome Girl of about 6 who has had one of the Hardest Lives in her short time on this planet and Doesn't ever complain and always has a Smile on her face when i see her. You whoever you are have a little think about this. Please could someone from admin Block this Trolls Account. Sounds a bit of a [****!!****]er if you ask me.
  4. Thats a joke Steve how can they turn up with 7 players only. It,s the people who work hard for there clubs who i feel sorry for. Sorry Frimley thats not Good Enough
  5. Egham Town (Champions 2013) v Horley Town in SSC is on 7.45 KO
  6. Prem Windsor South Park Hanworth Villa Div One Spelly Bedfont & Feltham Sheerwater
  7. Fair play to you Smudge Totally agree with you. Can.t belive wot some lady on there said about Egham Cheating there way to Title because the Game was called off on a Sat! Stick to worrying about your shat pitch Idot. I was not there When the Ref Called the Game off Spoke to guy who does the Pitch and he said it was 50/50 but even he was surprised it was called off. You are Bad losers Guernsey and if clubs don,t lick your backside you Cry Foul play. We won that league Fair and Square. We beat you at Egham Even with a Ref who was So baised it was unbelievable. and if I hear about your fixture pi
  8. Think he is from Jersey now that's a proper Channel Island
  9. I bet the Ryman League can,t wait for you to join them If you think we have moaned about you they already have said that they don,t want you in there league but the F.A have ordered them to take you! Good bye Guernsey #Wegotmorepointsthanyou
  10. When is the open tour bus round Guernsey? Bet it,s called off because of Rain?
  11. This is the first time I have Said this Good Luck tomorrow Guernsey Hope you do get one of the promotion slots as one going up is so unfair to step 5 clubs. Got to say Best Team in the League are Egham Town fc. #Champions
  12. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BACK OF THE NET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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