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  1. Cove 1 alton 0 last minute winner for the home side
  2. Who was the spelly 7 looks absolutely rapid and caused problems all game from highlights
  3. Good luck and best wishes to you and your family sav also good luck to tommo
  4. agree with you ccl player that the officals didnt at all control the game and seemed to make some odd decisions which frustrated both sides. but i honestly felt that there was little quality in the game both sides gave away possession freely and didnt really create that many outstanding chances. thought rpv tried to play and were certainly on top first half. would be surprised if both finished above midtable. wish both sides good luck for the rest of the season
  5. watched alton v rpv ,end to end game without any real quality from either side , alton had a man sent off midway through 2nd half and pinched it at the death
  6. PREM TOP 3- in no order windsor cove south park/ hartley bottom 3 alton colliers wood croydon surprise harley witney div one top 3 spelthorne eversley & cal afc croydon athletic surpise package knaphill
  7. Fantastic signings for hartley carl saunders a quality player and argent scores goals for fun
  8. does this mean alton have secured there ground for another season as i was unaware the issue had been confirmed yet? will there reserve side be entering cc or suburban or will they stay in the wyvern? not sure alton will be overly pleased with the move , but a very nice little ground and with there (hopefull ) new facilities coming the following season will be a welcome addition
  9. good luck to alan again a good man and i am sure he will be a very big success
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