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  1. Happy Birthday NEW BOY BLUE!

  2. Build it and they will come So let's see if all the doubters come back
  3. Sorry mark Missed this thread Put me down for a tenner Rick
  4. As one of the people who you think should pay the £10 to start the match day at 10 am and maybe get home at 7 pm and that's only if the club is not in use after a game Please come and make yourself know to any MISA MEMBER and we would be more than happy for any assistance you can give on match days or Sundays at 6 am to do boot fairs Also I know this goes without saying but THANKS MARK
  5. Get well soon Tony thanks for the info Terri
  6. if you supplied a phone somebody from MISA will be in contact if you have won anything
  7. If any body needs a lift I'm willing to take my car so 3/4 seats on offer
  8. MFC are holding there 2nd boot fair on Sunday 17th at 6am for cars and 7am for public all cars are £2 hope to see you all there weather permitting
  9. Don't feel too bad my team are top of group c in the euro sweep stake
  10. Put me down for one please Mark
  11. As a member of said stewards. I would like to say thanks to Mark and all above for your vote of confidence
  12. add me in cookie if i win ill donate the ticket to first regular to find me
  13. Seams like everything has been recomended to be pasted by next council meeting and kp has said ounce passed building will begin all except the 3G pitch
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