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  1. Been told (unofficially) there's a pitch inspection at 11.00am, which is a funny time as that would be about the time we would be due to leave I presume
  2. Cheers mate, didn't even notice I'd missed the winning goal scorer off lol
  3. Margate starting XI 1. Matt Lamprell 2. Kane Hemmings 3. Ross Chapman 4. Aiden Sherlock 5. Andy Bailey 6. Ollie Thompson 7. Taylor Thomas 8. Wayne Wilson 9. Tom Bradbrook 10. Adam Birchall Ben Haywood replaced Ross Chapman after 10 mins at left back due to Ross twisting his knee. Aston Smith replaced Taylor Thomas after 60 mins, Taylor tweaked his groin. Ryan Moore replaced Wayne Wilson after 75 mins.
  4. It's not fair, Hilly had a head start on the rest of us and he's hairier than a safari park chimp unfair referee ............... http://mobro.co/pridders13
  5. The Ryman League Bulletin (there's a weekly link on the clubs main website)has the disciplinary card count of all the teams in the prem, north and south. It's not every week but there was definitely a disciplinary update either in last weeks bulletin or the week before that
  6. Yeah, just to confirm we were going to wear the white socks as normal but Lewes misinformed Steve that they would be wearing black socks - hence the black and amber kit wasn't packed. The referee said we had to change as the team were warming up. Lewes offered up the black socks (that they should have been wearing) - Winkle, being the fashionista he is said "they simply wouldn't do as they didn't match the rest of our kit", so after an emergency consultation with Gok Won, Lewes dug out an old set of pale blue socks which Winkle deemed satisfactory. He then smuggled the socks out of Dripping
  7. Small mistake at the end with the team/subs Adam Birchall came on for RJ at around 80 minutes
  8. I'll agree with that comment. As I haven't been in the Reserves dug-out for six weeks it was interesting to see the improvement from the start of the season and things are slowly moving in the right direction. I'll also reiterate what Kev said about the 3 first team lads who played yesterday. First rate attitude from all three and especially it has to be said of Liam. The lad is on the transfer list and had to travel from his home in Colchester to play. There will be a 'View from the dugout' on the official Website next week.
  9. Don't worry about it, we'll win at Chipstead on Saturday, simples
  10. Hi Cookie, I'll just comment on this one - There is no way he should be coming for the ball (or should have) for the goal in question mate.The ball actually get's a flick on from the Carshalton player almost on the apex of the six yard box (you have to frame by frame it if you wish, but trust me it does) which takes it to almost the penalty spot where the lad hooks it back in. There is no point where the ball is in the correct area to claim it. Even the non-league newspaper got it wrong as it stated 'Jack Smelt fumbled the corner' - clearly he didn't.
  11. Middlesex - They play in the Combined Counties Premier - Step 5 - Technically 2 divisions below
  12. Just smashed a Cheeseburger out of necessity. Out of NECESSITY!

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