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  1. No warlingham dropped out to re-build our own ground at church road and not pay whyteleafe 8k a season
  2. It probably came from twitter mate I saw a lot of stupid comments last night and this morning and people exaggerate to the extreme
  3. I agree with you 4-5-1 100% ! Are you a player??
  4. Ok I'm not condoning any of the actions in the stands 4-5-1 but you seem to have forgotten that the guy who got beaten up with a broom handle ran onto the pitch during the scuffle in the 1st half along with the 2 girls!! Shouting that they were going to stab the player up in the car park!!! There are 2 sides to every story!' I spoke to redrup last night and with the Staines players in the bar after and apologised for what ha happened!!' There were no knifes involved either, also the ref sent off 2 wrong people our sub and the wrong twin
  5. Player/manager mate done my ankle ligaments in pre season 3rd time in 4 years!! Tried to come back but training/playing 3 times a week was no good for my ankle, so I decided to play local league football and saw that wars didn't have. A 3rd team manager so I said I'd run it!!! Did you see my goal Molly??
  6. I have for chipstead and Farleigh with a few spells at both in the late 90's and early 2000's then and have played through into this decade
  7. I also missed the chance to kill the game when I broke from my own half through a crowd of players rounded the keeper...... Then watched my shot bounce wide of the far post!!! Oh well
  8. I like sav if he was with a team nearer me I would have played for him! I scored the goal for Farleigh against knaphill that stopped them winning the league!! Our motivation that day was knaphill turning up with a case of champagne and asking us to chill it for them until they had beaten us!! We won 3-2 and they sulked off down to the harrow( local pub)
  9. Easygame I'm from Croydon and have nothing to do with frimley! I've played against savages teams for last 5 years and if he wins he lets you know!! But he has to be able to take it too
  10. Eagygame, eversleys do that themselves when they win a game!! There in the changing room giving it 3 cheers!! It's called a taste of there own medicine
  11. Gilesy how do you know about that game mate Im sure you watched another match?
  12. Cases did play for Guildford 1st team and is a very good young player! Where has he gone?
  13. Paul Spencer 31, Afc Croydon player, formerly of Farleigh chipstead whyteleafe wars and Guildford city,
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