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    Ground Hopper got a reaction from Blueboy2 in The high cost of watching league football - what a bargain non league is!   
    Only 11 out of the 104 clubs in England and Scotland will offer adults the chance to enjoy a day at the football for less than £20 during the new season reports a new BBC sport survey.
    A survey by the BBC Sport website of every club in the four English divisions and Scottish Premier League showed that fans in the north west have some of the cheapest deals available for matchday tickets.
    Clubs were asked for their cheapest and most expensive possible matchday adult tickets, as well as the prices for a cup of tea, a programme, and a pie in order to work out the price of enjoying a day at the football for fans without season tickets.
    In the Premier League Blackburn Rovers offered the best deal at £17.50, while Watford's £17.30 represented the best deal in the Championship. Rochdale and Preston in League One and Rotherham and Torquay in League Two also came in cheapest in their divisions, while Inverness are the best value for money in the Scottish Premier League.
    This weekend sees the start of the Football League season in England - a competition which attracted more than 16m fans across its three divisions last season.
    John Nagle, head of communications at the Football League, said: "Football League clubs are working extremely hard to attract the next generation of fans through a variety of innovative marketing initiatives. As a result, crowds in recent seasons have been at their highest levels for 50 years."
    "Much of the focus is on improving the matchday experience for supporters, particularly families. This has seen the League introduce a programme of 'mystery shopper' visits to matches in order to assess the experience and the introduction of the Family Excellence Award, to reward those clubs that are offering a particularly outstanding day out."
    Despite the high attendance figures - an average of 352,260 fans attended Football League fixtures each weekend last season - the chairman of the Football Supporters' Federation Malcolm Clarke says clubs must work harder to ensure football does not become too expensive for ordinary fans.
    "This is an industry that has more money going into it at the top of the game through media rights than it's ever had before," said Clarke.
    "It's important that football continues to be attractive to the whole cross-section of society, so it doesn't just become something only middle-class and upper-class families can afford."
    But despite the prices demand remains strong. Arsenal have the most expensive ticket in domestic football at £100 for one of five category A games for the new season - representing just 1% of tickets available. More than 60,000 fans turned out to watch them draw 2-2 with Boca Juniors in a friendly at the Emirates Stadium last weekend.
    And a spokesman for the Premier League pointed out that fans are not being turned off by the expense.
    "With Premier League grounds over 92% full on average in each of the last three seasons, fans are clearly enjoying the football, and the overall matchday experiences, that are on offer," said a Premier League statement.
    "It is also worth taking into account that fans want to watch games featuring top talent in safe stadia; our clubs have invested more than £2bn in facilities and continue to invest heavily in developing and acquiring the best possible players to make the whole fan experience as good as possible."
    But football matches compare favourably with other live sport. The cheapest day out at Super League side Hull FC is £27, while an equivalent day watching England's four-day victory over India at Trent Bridge would have cost at least £41.10.
    Newcastle United were the only club out of the 104 surveyed who did not reveal their prices.






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    Ground Hopper got a reaction from missunderstood in Southern (Evo-Stik) League Constitution for 2011/12   
    I think it is strange that Gary Calder was at Hornchurch, Weymouth & Rushden & Diamonds.
    The man is jut plain unlucky!
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    Ground Hopper got a reaction from Hartley Hare in Combined Counties League Constitution for 2011/12   
    Premier Division
    Ash United
    Badshot Lea
    Banstead Athletic
    Camberley Town
    Chessington & Hook United
    Colliers Wood United
    Egham Town
    Epsom & Ewell
    Farnham Town - Promoted from Division One
    Guildford City
    Hanworth Villa
    Horley Town
    Mole Valley SCR
    Raynes Park Vale
    Sandhurst Town
    South Park - Promoted from Division One
    Windsor - New team
    Division One
    Bedfont Sports
    Bookham - Relegated from Premier Division
    CB Hounslow United
    Farleigh Rovers
    Frimley Green
    Guernsey - New team
    Hartley Wintney
    South Kilburn - Transferred from Hellenic Division One East
    Spelthorne Sports - Promoted from Surrey Elite League
    Staines Lammas
    Worcester Park
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    Ground Hopper reacted to Ian_W in Midweek Fixtures & Results - 15/16/17 February   
    Rhodes - he is not Football Man - not in any shape nor form.
    He actually paid £5 for gold membership tonight, so am fully aware of his name and I can guarantee you are wrong.
    Now please, give it a rest & let's get back to football
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    Ground Hopper got a reaction from Ian_W in Midweek Fixtures & Results - 15/16/17 February   
    That is a bit rich!
    They are on the results forum for all to see and I was going to post them here, but after you told me off I decided not to.
    Now you complain when someone does not post them!
    Can I suggest you learn that there is more to SSMFL and indeed Non League football than you.
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    Ground Hopper got a reaction from Ian_W in Midweek Fixtures & Results - 15/16/17 February   
    You are welcome - sorry I did not post before.
    I will from now on try and post if I have not seen a post from Sir Rhodes if that would help?
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    Ground Hopper got a reaction from Ian_W in Trevor Bailey RIP   
    This was published by the Ryman League today - http://rymanleague.goalrun.com/leagues?league_news_item&lid=256&id=2755389
    Very sad news. Used to listen to him on Test Match Special (or TMS).
    IT WAS with great sadness that the league heard the news that former England cricketer Trevor Bailey had died at a fire in his home at Westcliff this morning. He was 87. His wife was rescued.
    Although he was best known for his achievements on the cricket field, Bailey was also a talented footballer. He won Blues for both sports at Cambridge University and went on to play amateur football , most notably for Walthamstow Avenue although he also represented Leytonstone and Pegasus. Avenue were then one of the top Isthmian League clubs; in the ten seasons after the war they never finished outside the top four and won the championship three times.
    Bailey was a valuable member of the side when his cricket commitments allowed and played at inside-right for the team that beat local rivals Leyton 2-1 in the 1952 FA Amateur Cup final, watched by a six-figure crowd at Wembley. His shot was turned on to a post by the Leyton goalkeeper for Jim Lewis to follow up and score the opening goal.
    The following season Bailey was in the Avenue side who achieved a stunning 1-1 FA Cup draw at Manchester United. The replay was staged at Highbury and well over 50,000 fans saw the battling amateurs beaten 5-2.
    As a cricketer famous for his forward defensive stroke, which earned him his Barnacle nickname, Bailey played his most famous innings at Lordâ??s in 1953 when he batted almost all day with Willie Watson to save the Second Test against Australia and pave the way for an eventual Ashes triumph.
    The following winter saw him touring the West Indies with England but Avenue had not forgotten him. After drawing 1-1 with Crook Town in an Amateur Cup semi-final they flew Bailey back to England (it required three different flights) for the replay at Sunderland. Cruelly, Bailey arrived just too late to take the field and had to watch from the stands as Crook won 3-2.
    The experience did him no harm; back in the Caribbean, Bailey took seven for 34 in the first innings of the final Test, in which he opened the bowling and the batting, to set up a nine-wicket victory which drew the series after England had been well beaten in the first two matches.
    In all Bailey played 61 times for England, scoring more than 2,000 runs and taking 132 wickets. Meanwhile he was a loyal servant of his beloved home county, Essex, becoming captain and club secretary. In both roles he laid the initial foundations for the countyâ??s great future success, although it was more than a decade after his retirement in 1967 when they finally landed their first-ever trophy.
    He scored 28,641 first-class runs, took 2,082 wickets and performed the Double (1,000 runs and 100 wickets in a season) eight times.
    This writer was lucky enough to see him in action frequently in the latter stages of his career, invariably clad in a red and yellow MCC touring sweater rather than an Essex one. His smooth run-up and action made the most impression on me, along with the fact that when strolling round the ground with one teammate or another, as he frequently did when not in the middle, he was invariably puffing on a cigarette. It was nearly 50 years ago, but even then it came as a shock to the schoolboy eye.
    After retiring from the game Bailey was a popular and long-serving member of the Test Match Special team. He covered cricket and football for the Financial Times for 25 years; they also sent him to the 1972 Olympics in Munich and he had to cover the tragic events which unfolded there. Among many other books, he wrote the definitive biography of Sir Garry Sobers.
    Everyone connected with the league extend their sympathy to Trevor's family.
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    Ground Hopper got a reaction from Ian_W in Tonight's Spartan Results   
    Rhodes, can you please tell me why I am someone who was a secretary of a league.
    You have made some bold claims which might leave others believing you.
    Either apologise and retract your claims or please come up with the name of your source and facts to back it up, otherwise I will be seeking out your employer and asking them to ask you, as I am guessing you are posting from their computer in their time and probably without their knowledge.
    I do not post on this or any other forum to be falsely accused, especially when you seem to be good at making silly claims.
    Oh and please do not think I am bluffing, I will take the matter to the highest person at your employers and hand over to them the times of your posts to ask them as to why I am being accused by an employee of theirs during the working day.
    You have until 5pm today, Thursday 10th February 2011.
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    Ground Hopper reacted to Bedfordtownfc in Tonight's Spartan Results   
    Fair play ground hopper he always provokes people
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    Ground Hopper reacted to bicknell in Tonight's Spartan Results   
    well said mate . rhodes grow up tit
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    Ground Hopper reacted to Monkey8 in Tonight's Spartan Results   
    Sorry chaps i was trying to post from an ipad and it clearly didnt work!
    I was going to say the same as NF and GH......Rhodes post states 11.58pm which isnt 11.30pm......but even so i wouldnt have shown anyway because in the past Rhodes has misbehaved and has had the right to post freely taken away from him.
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    Ground Hopper reacted to NeutralFan in Tonight's Spartan Results   
    Ground Hopper (Who I know from a VERY good source is not Football Man),
    Because Rhodes has been / is such an idiot on these forums all his posts have to be approved by a moderator, many of them don't even make it. Ignore him if you can, many have tried and failed.
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    Ground Hopper reacted to Monkey8 in Tonight's Spartan Results   
    Isnt that what you do on most subjects????
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    Ground Hopper got a reaction from Ian_W in Tonight's Spartan Results   
    So you are NeutralFan, didn't know who you were. Sorry. Didn't know his posts were subject to approval.
    Not sure what you meant monkeymoneky8 as there was no post.
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    Ground Hopper got a reaction from Ian_W in Tonight's Spartan Results   
    Who is NeutralFan? No idea what you mean.
    My role as the Secretary of the Essex Senior League? Now you have got me confused. I have never been the secretary of any league. You are looking silly now. Either that or I do not know who I am.
    My posts were, I thought, a help to others. But if you are saying they are not welcome on this site, please let me know and I will stop.
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    Ground Hopper got a reaction from Ian_W in Tonight's Spartan Results   
    I am not going to argue with you as clearly you seem to know who I am. All I am going to say is you are wrong. So asking who your source is, condemns me does it? Doesn't sound like a fair system of justice.
    Your post was made at 11:58pm according to the time on it, however it was certainly not showing otherwise I would not have posted mine, three minutes later. Why it was not showing I have no idea, as I did check.
    Your claim that it was at 11:30pm is simply untrue and you know it.
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    Ground Hopper got a reaction from Ian_W in Tonight's Spartan Results   
    Spartan South Midlands Premier
    Aylesbury United 2 - 0 Colney Heath
    Spartan South Midlands One
    AFC Dunstable 5 - 0 Amersham Town
    Crawley Green 7 - 0 Sun Postal Sports
    Wodson Park 1 - 4 London Lions
    Reserve Division Two
    Welwyn Garden City Reserves 0 - 2 London Lions Reserves
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    Ground Hopper got a reaction from Ian_W in Tonight's Spartan Results   
    Who is 'Football Man'?
    I have however read some of your posts and you come over as a very sad person. Clearly you have an issue with everybody and whilst you post some results you look to pick a fight with many others.
    I have never met you, yet you criticise my posts for being part of this community. Why?
    People like you actually do more harm than good and wish that you would adhere to the rules of the site here and in particular 4b
    I have bolded the relevant part for you. Yes you may call me sad for reading rules, but they are there (on every page) for a reason. I may be called sad for posting results or match postponements. I may be called sad for spending time chatting with others on forums. But you cannot call me sad for constantly picking holes in posts made by others and for making disruptive posts.
    Incidentally I posted last night's results before you, so you actually duplicated my post. But I am not complaining. After all you may well have been tucked up in bed at that time.
    So, please reveal your source of very good authority. Of course you will not be able to as it is a lie, given the fact that I am not 'Football Man', who is probably a very respectable person, but frustrated by your constant sad posts.
    My apologies to others for this post, but I felt I had a right to object to a silly claim by Rhodes.
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    Ground Hopper reacted to Eastside Urchin in Today's match report   
    The report should be available,firstly on the club website,then on the forum and supporters website,there is no reason for it not to be on all 3 sites as all 3 sites are used by fans of the club
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    Ground Hopper reacted to Eastside Urchin in Today's match report   
    We need the report on the forum,it's not fair on fans who only read the forum like myself
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    Ground Hopper reacted to missunderstood in What about offering free admission to all females...   
    I'm sorry John but as a valued member of the RFC forum you know that not everyone is burying their heads in the sand, although like all other clubs I'm sure we have our fair share of Luddites. If creative thinkers from all clubs could bounce ideas off each other at properly convened meetings then just maybe we could all share the benefits.
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    Ground Hopper reacted to Beachboys in Stansted v Dunston UTS in the 5th round of the Vase   
    The FA pay towards the expenses over a certain mileage, including hotel !
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    Ground Hopper reacted to Bald Fella in Stansted v Dunston UTS in the 5th round of the Vase   
    I reckon Stansted deserve a gate of 400+ for this one, they play good stuff. Reckon i'll go along
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    Ground Hopper reacted to Eastside Urchin in Southill Alexander....   
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    Ground Hopper got a reaction from Ian_W in Southill Alexander....   
    well said
    Perhaps this topic needs to be closed now, as it will only descend into an argument?
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